Addicted to you

"I've never loved anyone as much as you"
"You are my sunshine"


1. New lovers

"You're so beautiful" I said, caressing my hand slowly up and down Michael's sides.

"This will be my very first time" Michael stated, while I kissed his neck some small kisses.

"I'll take care of you" I took my shirt off, his shirt off, and we got naked. I kissed his neck, leaving lovebites all over it, while I slowly moved my hand it's way down to his dick, and I started pumping it, watching his reaction. 

"Mm" he moaned a bit, and that was music to my ears. I pumped it faster, kissing his beautiful pink lips, while he moaned into my mouth. Then I slowly made my way down his body, till I was at his dick, licking the tip to tease him. 

"fuck!" he let out a groan, as his back raised a bit from the bed. 

I started sucking his dick, swirling my tongue around it, massaging his balls with my free hand. And as I deep-throated him, I saw his beautiful face let out an expression which I loved.

"Luke, fuck" he said louder than his moans, and I could feel him getting hard. 

"Turn around baby boy" I pumped myself a few times, as he were going to turn around. I parted his buttcheeks and started licking his hole to make it less painful, and then stretched him out with one finger, then two fingers. 

"Oh my" he moaned louder and louder each time passed by. 

I entered him slowly as he were stretched out, and didn't really move till I could feel he was ready, yet I left kisses on his back, making sure to let him feel comfortable.

And as I started moving inside of him, he let out the most beautiful loving moans i've ever heard. And we both enjoyed that night. 

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