The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


4. ~3~

• Becka's POV •

No no no no. This can't be happening. They aren't supposed to be here. I tried so hard to keep this a secret.

I collected my money, gave some to my opponent out of the goodness of my heart, and left. I have to get away before he gets to me.

I raced to the changing rooms and grabbed my bag. I ran to the door and left. I went to a gas station to change into my other clothes.

When I stepped out of the bathroom I was met with the face of Luke. I tried to go around him but he got in my way and grabbed my arm.

"Let me go Luke,"I said. "No. Not until you tell why you do what you do,"he said with pleading eyes.

"Don't mess with me Luke. You saw what I can do,"I warned. "Why won't you tell me,"he asked. I could hear the worry in his voice.

"Why do you care?"I asked in a whisper only he could hear.

• Luke's POV •

When she asked me that question I felt an urge to hug her. Wait........why would I do that. I am Luke Hemmings, high school bad boy that doesn't care about anything or anyone.

"I don't know honestly,"I say. She looks at me for minute. She looks so different. Before she was just that goodie two shoes that did everything she was told. Now she looks so independent and strong. It is a good different. I like it.

"Where are the others?"she asks. "Outside in Mikey's van. Why?"I asked. "Because you all need to get it through your thick skulls that no one can know about this. No one. Got it?"she asks in a stern tone.

"Yeah I got it,"I say. "Can we meet at your house tomorrow? That includes the boys as well,"she says. "Yeah what time,"I ask. "2 is fine. I will see you tomorrow. And makes sure the boys don't say a word to anyone until we talk,"she says. "Ok I got it. I will see you tomorrow,"I say.

She nods and then leaves. Crap. I should have offered her a ride. I run out the gas station to see if I can still catch but she is gone. Wow I am an idiot.

I walk over to the van and get into the passenger seat. I made sure to tell the boys not to tell anyone and that we were gonna meet tomorrow at my house. They agreed and decided to just stay at my house since it was late.

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