The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


23. ~18~

Once we arrived my house Luke refused to leave me alone. So therefore I will have to sneak out to fight.

I haven't said anything to anyone. I don't feel like talking. I have so many mixed emotions...

I need to get them out of my system.

And the only way I know how to do that is by fighting.

I know that Luke will be disappointed but I honestly don't care right now. I don't care about anyone or anything.

Have you ever seen Vampire Diaries?

Well if you have then you know what I mean when I say..

"I feel like my humanity switch has been broken and it can never be fixed."

Luke is currently in the kitchen making me some tea. I figured I might as well sneak out now.

I went to my room and grabbed my bag. I then tipped toed downstairs and past Luke. I went out the back door because I had less of a chance of getting caught if I went that way.

I was about to step out of the opened door when I heard Luke talking to himself.

"God I hope she is ok. I can't lose her. Not like Ezra."

Who the heck is Ezra?!

I'll think about that later but right now I need to get these emotions out of my system.


"Becka! Thank god you're here. I just had a rookie bail on me. Can fill her spot? The fight is in 10 minutes,"Benny asked.

Benny was the guy who arranges the fights. I'm not sure how the whole thing works but I know he matches up the opponents.

I nodded in response to his question, eager to fight.

"Great now go get changed,"he said pushing me towards the changing rooms.

Once I changed, I walked out and into the arena. The announcer called us out and then the bell rang signaling that the fight has now started.

My opponent was averagely buff as was I. She seemed intimidated but that was good in a fight, at least for me it is.

She took the first swing but I dodged it but I was soon met with her foot in my gut. And boy did it hurt.

I heard the cheers from the crowns but they were mostly boos meaning most of the crowd liked me. I was known in the underground fighting business because of my undefeated title.

My first connection with her side and then I never stopped. I would punch and then pull back.

Punch, pull back.

Punch, pull back.

And repeat. This went on until she fell to the ground. I thought she was finished but before the count down was over she stood back up again. Which was perfectly fine with me because my adrenaline was pumping and I still had fight left in me.

I put her in a choke hold and kneed her a couple times before letting her go.

She landed a few upper cut on me and one punch straight to the face, busting my lip and bruising my face. I was tiring out but then all of my anger and frustration and sadness and confusion all surged together in one blow to her face.

She was out cold.

I've never done that before.

The announcer called my name out saying I won and handed me a wad of cash.

I looked back to the girl to see her rising from the floor in pain. At least she wasn't dead.


My head turned so fast I had whiplash. I looked to see who the voice belonged to but I already knew, even though I've never heard him scream in my entire life.

I found my dad standing beside a frustrated Luke.


I'm going to kill him. I can't believe he ratted me out.

I took the money and left to get my things. I then walked outside and was met by an angry looking dad.

"Get in the car. NOW,"he said pointing to his Nissan. I gave Luke a look that could kill.

He so has got it coming.

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