The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


21. ~16~

*Warning: tears may fall while reading this chapter*

I woke up to my phone buzzing on the bedside table.

After that wonderful amazing moment in the living room last night we all decided to go to bed. I was really tired.

I had fought twice and then went through an emotional time in the living that led to one of the best moments of my life.

I picked up my phone to see the caller ID said 'Dad'.

"Hello,"I answered.

"Honey please get to the hospital as fast as possible. It's your mother."

I was up and gathering my clothes before he finished his sentence.

"I'm on my way,"I hung up and rushed to where the boys were sleeping.

I didn't bother to knock. I was in an extreme hurry.


Their heads shot up and a few groans were heard amongst them.

They started to get up and moving but they were to slow. They needed to HURRY UP.

"Ok ok. Just calm down. We will get you there just let us get dressed,"Luke said calmingly rubbing my arms.

But I couldn't be calm right now. There is a possible chance my mother is taking her last breath right now and I am not there with her because I'm HERE.

"I can't just calm down Luke! Just hurry up,"I said before going back to the guest room.

I finished getting my clothes and through my hair into a bun. I couldn't stop thinking of the worse. I have never gotten a call that urgent from my dad and I was beyond scared.

By that time the boys were done.

You could tell they rushed because their hair was still messy and Michael's shirt was on backwards.

We all piled into the car and drove towards the hospital.

"What happened Becka,"Luke asked taking my hand in his.

I took a deep breath so I wouldn't cry while telling them.

"My dad called this morning. He said that I needed to get to the hospital as fast as I could. There is something wrong with my mother,"I said pausing in between sentences.

I didn't listen to there soothing comments. They wouldn't help.

The car ride felt like hours due to the fact that I was left with my thoughts. And those were scarier than any conversation I could have.

She could be dead. Or what if she is asking for me and I am not there.

Nothing can happen to my mother. Nothing. I won't be able to live with myself.

I knew I shouldn't have went to Ashton's. I knew it. And I regret every second of it.

My hands were shaking and I tried desperately to stop them.

I have to be strong for my mother.

"Hey. Come here,"he said pulling me into an embrace.

I stayed in his arms until we reached the hospital.

I got out of the van and waisted no time running to my mothers room. I found my dad sitting in a chair outside of her room pinching the bridge of his nose.

"D-Dad,"my weak voice managed. He looked up and our eyes met.

"Come here honey,"he said motioning for me to come to him.

"You mother is in surgery right now. I'm not sure why but all of a sudden she started screaming and pulling at me and..,"he stopped talking because he started crying. Hard.

I stood there not moving. I watched as my dad cried in front of me. He cried worse then when we found out she had cancer.

I stood there staring. I didn't know what to do.

I looked up to see my mothers doctor tap my dads shoulder.

"She didn't make. It was to much. She fought for as long as she could,"The doctor stated with pity in his eyes.

I felt my heart break into a million tiny pieces.

"No. No she isn't. She's fine. You said she could fight this. She is fine,"I said shaking my head.

I refuse to believe him. My mother is a fighter and she would have fought through this.

I couldn't tell myself that. I would be lying to myself.

I knew I shouldn't have gone. I knew.

This is all my fault. If I was here I cold have stopped it.

Even though my mom had cancer.


Nothing could emotionally or physically prepare me for this moment.

I felt someone pick me up from my position on the floor.

It was Luke.

He hugged me tight but carfully like I was a ticking time bomb.

But that is what I probably look like right. A bomb.

Because if someone does one thing that I don't like I could go off.

"Shhh calm down. It'll be ok. She is in a better place,"he soothed rubbing circles on my back.

"It'll be fine. We can get through this,"he said. I looked up at him through dazed eyes.

I then realized. This all happened before but in my dream. I pushed the thought away because there were bigger things at hand. Obviously.

He had small tears racing down his cheeks.

I wanted to run. Run out of this hospital and never look back until I ways far away.

And that is exactly what I did.


I am seriously on the verge of tears. Anyone else?

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