The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


19. ~14~

"Ok. Everyone sit in a circle in the living room,"Ashton said getting up and going to the living room.

"Why the floor. Why can't we sit on the couch,"Michael whined. I have come to find out that Michael is very lazy.

"Just do it. Or I won't order pizza tomorrow,"Ashton said back.

"Fine. But I want stuffed crust ,"Michael said sitting on the floor.

"That can be arranged,"Ashton said sitting beside him.

The rest of us joined them on the floor and looked at Ashton for directions.

"Ok. So we are all going to tell something that no one else knows about us. Except Becka because we already know her secret. Who wants I go first," said and looked around the room.

Of course I didn't raise my hand and no on else did either.

"No one. fine I guess I will go first," Calum said and sat up straight.

"About a year ago. I pierced my lip. But it wasn't like Luke's. It was a stud that was just below my lip. It looked awful. Like just plain ugly. So I took it out once I got home,"he said. We all laughed. I tried to picture Cal with a lip ring but I just couldn't.

"Copycat,"Luke said. I laughed. It was just to funny.

"Wow. And why weren't we there for this,"Michael asked still laughing.

"I don't know. I wanted to see what it looked like first. And stop laughing. It isn't funny,"he said with a straight face.

"Ok ok. I will go next,"Michael said.

"When I was about 12. My old friends talked me into trying a cigarette. So I did and I hated it like I thought I was dying,"he said laughing at himself.

"Ok well it is my turn now I guess. And you two didn't do a very good job at telling a secret. Those things are little. We know Becka's 'secret life'. So I am going to tell you something deep that will hopefully be better than yours,"Ashton said pointing at Cal and Mikey.

"When I was fifteen I went into depression because our house burnt down. I started to cut. A lot. I cut for a whole year and then we moved here. And I met you guys. And I stopped,"he said a tear fell down his cheeks. I then looked at his wrists but they were covered in bracelets.

I guess Ashton read our minds because he then took off his bracelets and after he took each one off there were more and more scars.

None of them were fresh thank god. There were fading, you could barely see the scars.

"Aww. Man why didn't you tell us,"Calum asked.

"I don't know. I just thought I would get judged or something,"he said wiping away tears.

"You should have told us. We could have helped you Ash,"Michael said.

"I know. Can Luke just go already,"he asked wanting to drop the subject.

"Yeah. Sorry,"lyke said and then sat up.

He took a deep breath and started talking.

"When I was 14 I tried to,"he paused and took another breath. I could tell it was hard for him to tell us.

"I tried to commit suicide. My mom found me in the bathroom. Unconscious. If she hadn't found me........I would be dead right now. She and I never spoke of it again and I am glad. I am better now so you don't have to worry about me ok," he finished. We all nodded. I looked around the room and noticed there were tears brimming all of our eyes. Mine especially.

"Why?,"Calum asked as a tear slid down his face.

"That is a another story for another night. Sorry but I'm just not ready to explain it all in one night,"he said and wiped tears from his eyes.

I couldn't believe it. I never imagined that Luke would do or think of such a thing.

I then got up a walked to him.

My feet were doing stuff my brain wasn't processing and I couldn't stop myself.

I then kneeled in front of him and he threw himself into my arms and cried harder.

"It's ok. You don't have to tell us anything if you don't want to,"i whispered into his ear.

He looked up at me with tear stained cheeks and did something I never would have expected a month ago.

He kissed me.

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