The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


18. ~13~

My face hurts. Like bad. It burns when I blink. But I don't show it. I can't come off weak.

I have always had the urge to be strong and never show weakness. It is in my nature. I guess that is part of why I fight.

That last fight was hard. It was probably because I was tired from the first one but I won. Yay.

"Come on let's go. I don't want to be here any longer,"Luke says with his hand placed in the small of my back as we exit the building.

"Does it hurt,"he asked motioning to my black eye.

"No. It just stings a little,"I lie. It actually hurts a lot.

"Stop lying. You and I both know it hurts,"he said. Man he can see right through me.

"Yeah it does hurt,"I mumbled.

"I will get you an ice pack once we get to Ashton's,"he said as we piled into Mikey's van.

Oh yeah. I forgot that we were all going to Ashton's. This will be fun.

"How much money did you get tonight,"Michael asked keeping his eyes on the road.

"About 1,500. I think,"I answer and their jaws drop.

"Maybe I should start fighting,"Ashton said flexing his muscles.

"Yeah Ash. You would be good at it with those huge biceps,"I tease.

I felt Luke tense up beside me but I shook it off.

"You know it Becka,"Ashton said laughing. I looked at Luke and he didn't look to good. I don't know why.

"Hey,"I nudged his shoulder.

"Yeah,"he said looking down on me. He way to talk. I mean his quiff is touching the roof of the van.

"What is wrong,"I ask hoping he will give me a straight answer.

"Nothing. I am fine,"he said. I knew he was lying but I didn't push.

The rest of the ride was quiet except for when a good song came on and the boys all started rocking out.

It was pretty cute to be honest.

We reached Ashton's house a couple minutes later and let me say. I was blown away.

It was HUGE. It was so pretty.

"Nice house Ashton,"I complemented.

"Yeah. Thanks. My parents are out of town this weekend so we have the whole house to ourselves,"he said.

I got my bag out Mikey's van and brought it inside.

I placed it on the couch and sat down.

I could go to sleep right now. This is a couch.

Luke then came into the living room and gave me the ice pack he promised to get me.

"Thank you Luke,"I smile at him.

"No problem. And Ashton said that if you wanted to get a shower you could since none of us are,"he said sitting down beside me.

I know I should get a shower but I don't want to move. I can feel his body heat because he is so close and it is quite comfortable.

"Well I guess I will go take a shower,"I said getting up and asking where the shower was.

He said it was the third door on the right side of the hall. And so I went to take a shower.

•Luke's POV•

Ok. I guess I can't ignore it anymore.

I like Becka.

I can't help it anymore. When Ashton hugged her....I got kinda......jealous.

I decided to go into the kitchen with the rest of the guys.

"Hey man. What is wrong with you,"Michael said.

Why does everyone keep asking that? Do I look like I feel like crap?

"I don't know,"I lie. I do know. I like Becka. But I think she likes Ashton.

"I think I know,"Calum said with his mouth full of cereal.

"And what is it Cal,"I ask.

"Your are jealous,"he said with a smirk on his face. I need to work on hiding my emotions.

"Yep. I saw how you tensed up when Ashton hugged Becka. You like her,"he said. I really want to smack that smirk off his face.

Oh well I might as well tell them. I mean they are my best friends.

"Yeah. You're right Cal. I like Becka. But I don't think she likes me,"I say looking down.

"Pft. She likes you. Have you seen the way her face lights up when you smile at her?"Ashton stated. She doesn't do that. Does she? No.

"Really?"I ask. I hope they are right.

"Yeah man,"Michael said. Just then Becka walked in. He hair was down. But it was dry. I love her hair. It looks so soft. And I like the dark blue tips.

She was wearing a purple tank top and some blue fuzzy type pants. Even when she isn't dressed up she looks good.

Man I am whipped.

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