The "Good Girl"

"Good girl? Are you sure?"

"Well yeah. I mean you have Never. Ever done anything bad in school."

"That's because you have never seen me out of school before"


1. ~1~


"Ms. Sawyer! What have you done? Go to the principles office now!!!"yelled my teacher.

I got up and went to the office. I guess I shouldn't play with scissors when my teacher is asleep. But honestly she really needed a haircut.

I went into the principal's office and I got really scared because the principle looks quite mean. And it turns out I was right because he told me I was expelled.

I now know that I am not supposed to be bad. I will be a good girl from now on. But the grownups never said anything about being good outside of school.

~ 11 years later ~

The teacher left to go to the restroom and now everyone was having a 5 minute party. Everyone except for me. And I mean everyone, even silent Sam is throwing paper wads at Luke Hemmings ,aka the high school bad boy. Which I thought was funny but I didn't dare show it. I kept my head down and kept working.

I have a reputation as a good girl. I am the smartest in my year. I respect the teachers and I don't break school rules. I am what you would call a goodie goodie at school.

"Hey Becka. Stop working and have some fun,"yelled Calum Hood, one of Luke's best friends therefore......a bad boy. I just ignored him and kept working so I could have good grades to show my mom and dad.

"The teacher is coming!"yelled a kid. And then everyone stopped what they were doing and picked up paper wads ,that were thrown across the room, put them in the garbage and went back to work.

After a about 15 minutes the bell rang and school was over. Finally. I have things I have to do and they keep us here way to long.

I started my way to my house. I don't live far away, just a couple blocks from the school so I walk to and from school.

I got home and went to check on my mom in her room. She was laying on her side in her bed with her reading light on looking through an old photo album. But all that was in the album were things from school. Like articles with your name in it because you made all As in 1st grade or something.

My mom looked up and saw me. "Hey baby girl. How was school?"she asked. "Same as always. Boring and to long,"I say smiling and walking towards her.

When I got close I saw the bags under her eyes and the tiredness in her smile. "Hey mom I think you should get some rest,"I say. "Ok but tell your father when he gets home that I would like to talk to him,"she says giving me a kiss on the forehead. "Will do. Now get some rest,"I say and walk out of the room

I went into my room and turned on some green day and did my homework for next week. My teacher gives me assignments in advance, but don't tell anyone.

Later that evening my dad came home and I helped him unload groceries. When we were done I gave him a hug and told him that mom wanted to see him.

I guess he saw the look of worry on my face because he pulled me into a hug and said "Don't worry, I am sure she just wants to talk about bills or something." I nodded and pulled away from the hug.

My mom has a severe case of bone cancer. She was diagnosed two years ago and it's a miracle she is still here. We struggle with bills because my mom can't do anything and my dad is an author with no backup job. So I pay the bills most of the time. Yes I have a job and my parents don't question me when I pay the bills because they just assume I have a good paying job.

I love my parents more than life itself, and I fear the day one of them isn't with us anymore.

Since my parents were still talking I decided to make chicken Alfredo for supper which is me and my mom's favorite.

After supper was done I took a shower and watched Netflix for awhile. Soon I became tired and went to bed thinking about my life and how other kids deal with having lots of responsibility like me.

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