Peace- In a Way

To say that Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have been through a lot is an understatement- they've fought countless monsters, two wars, and been to Tartarus and back. This is their life after the war, and their version of peace.


2. Chapter 2

Annabeth's POV


5 years later

I put the finishing touches on my messy bun, tucking my curls into bobby pins. Smoothing down my grey dress, I put some shoes on and sat on the chair near the front door of my and Percy's apartment while he finished doing whatever my Seaweed Brain was doing these days. It was kinda suspicious, not to sound whiny or anything, but I was turning 21 today, and he was more distant than usual. I expected him to go all out like he always does, waking me up at 6 am to show me the cake he made me, taking me down Camp Half-Blood and later to the beach and staying there all day, talking and messing around, the occasional kiss... I snorted at my stupid thoughts, maybe something was wrong at Percy's job or something.

Mental note: ask him later.

Seaweed Brain finally came out of the hallway, and looked a bit nervous. I ignored it, not wanting him to feel uncomfortable by my noticing. I smiled and he gave me a hug, murmuring "Happy birthday Wise Girl," into my ear.

I laughed and we set off for Camp Half-Blood, which was conveniently close to our home, so we visited quite frequently.

Percy opened my door for me and performed an exaggerated bow, and I punched him lightly in the shoulder and said "I can open the door by myself Seaweed Brain, and you of all people are not that chivalrous." His face scrunched in mock hurt, and before he could reply, all our friends came running and engulfed us in a group hug. Hazel, Frank, Piper, Jason, Will, Katie, Connor, Travis, and Reyna (who was visiting for a few days). Nico stood awkwardly off to the side, like always.

Me and Percy exchanged mischievous glances and gave Nico a hug too, ignoring his protests.

Chiron galloped towards me and gave both Percy and I hugs. We spent the rest of the day at Camp Half-Blood, having too much fun with our friends to even go down to the beach until about 11 pm.

Percy took me by the hand and dragged me off to the beach, much to the amusement of everyone, and we sat down on the cold sand, pointing out the constellations. Percy looked at me and said softly, while pointing at another constellation, "Look, there's Zoe." I smiled weakly and pointed out another. "And Bob."

We took turns pointing out stars that could be our lost friends. Silena, Beckendorf, Lee, Leo, and the list kept getting longer. We stopped as soon as we both started to cry silently. Percy wrapped his arm around me and played with my hair as we became lost in our memories.

Finally, Percy spoke, breaking me out of my trance. "Annabeth," he whispered, a small smile on his face, "I'm not gonna tell you that everything's alright, that nothing will hurt us, that the past won't haunt us. All that matters-"

"Is that we're together," I finished, taking his hand. He pulled me to my feet, picked me up bridal style, and jumped into the ocean. He created a bubble around us, and reached into his pocket. I clapped my hand to my mouth as I saw a little black box in his palm. He grinned at my reaction. "Annabeth Chase, I love you and always will," he began, his eyes shining as I started to cry again. "Our life as demigods will not be easy, it never has been, but I want to spend my life with you. Will you marry me Wise Girl?"

I nodded and gave him a watery smile, and we kissed in our little bubble, just like our first underwater kiss.


But, I think this one was better.

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