Peace- In a Way

To say that Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase have been through a lot is an understatement- they've fought countless monsters, two wars, and been to Tartarus and back. This is their life after the war, and their version of peace.


1. Chapter 1

Percy's POV


I lay back on my bed in the Poseidon cabin, alone with my thoughts. The wind howled and banged at my window, but I didn't care- I was too lost in my head. I could faintly hear the sound of rushing water from the fountain in my cabin, and I found the familiar presence comforting. Suddenly, there was a soft knock on my door. Who could be visiting at this hour? It's 1 am! I thought as I heaved myself off my comfortable bed, and opened the door.

Standing in front of me was my girlfriend, Annabeth, shivering and sniffing, eyes red and puffy from crying. I ushered her in and we sat down on my bed, my arm around her shoulder as I let her cry it out, as I knew she would tell me what was bothering her after she had calmed down. Most likely, it was the nightmares. When we had fallen into Tartarus, seeing things too horrible too mention, the memories had stuck with us, and haunted us whenever we merely closed our eyes.

Annabeth shook against me, finally out of tears. My shirt was wet, but I didn't mind. I kissed her cheek and asked "What dream was it this time Beth?" She gazed at me, and breathed deeply before replying. "It was the curses," she said, tucking her head under my chin as she spoke. "When I was temporarily blind a-and, you almost d-died." Her voice shook as she recalled the memory.

I tensed up, remembering how painful it had been, and how devastated I had been that Annabeth was so scared, so vulnerable. I bit my lip to contain the fear that was building up inside of me, and just held Annabeth, taking comfort in her warmth and familiarity. She kissed me and sighed as she slowly fell into unconsciousness, and I joined her soon after.


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