Niall Horan's twin sister

Hi I'm phoebe Horan yes you might know by the surname yes I am Niall Horan's twin sister but it is not as glamorous as you think. I don't really get to see him a lot he is always on tour I've never met his band mates.but my mum tells me Niall and his band are coming for the summer. What will happen will phoebe fall in love with one of his band mate? Will they fall in love with her? Find out in this fanfic


1. my brother and his band mates

Phoebes POV Okay so my twin brother Niall is coming to stay for the summer and so are his band mates I'm really excited to see him and meet his band mates.But the only thing is that Niall won't tell us when he is coming home which is very annoying,like him. The only time I have seen him is when he is on TV, and I kinda have a crush on one of his band mates Harry but Niall would never let any of them to date me which kinda sucks, but anyway I can't wait to see him I miss him so much. I snapped out of my thoughts when my phone when off. It was a text from milly my best friend we've been best friends since nursrey.

Phoebe =p milly =

Text chat.....

M: hey when is ur brother and his band mates coming??

P:don't know he won't tell us he's so much annoying

M:can I meet them when they come??

P: duh of course you were going to meet them

M:kk g2g love ya bye

P:bye love ya 2

After me finished talking I went up stairs and went to bed.

A/N hey guys hope you liked it I will update on Thursday at the latest comment fan fav

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