Dear Diary

Entry for the Dear Diary competition ��


3. 14. May 2015 - 11.16PM

It was really superdupergreat, the concert. They were great, and so was the warm ups. It was awesome even though it was a wait at almost an hour between the acts.

It was great classics blasting in the arena through the whole wait, so we were good. Most fans knew the classics and sung along, including me. It was giving me, and I think everyone around me, good vibes, and it was really setting a good mood before the main act of the night.

I have a wonderful life, don't I? I do.

I almost forgot though, it was a fun day other than just the actual concert too. Earlier we met a flash mob/big group of fans. A tourist took a picture with the mob. It was fun to watch.

Through the day before we went to get ready, my best friend and I were spending the day out discussing wether we thought the teens we saw were going to the concert or not, for most teens we saw we concluded with 'they're going' because they dressed as if they were to.

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