Dear Diary

Entry for the Dear Diary competition ��


1. 13. May 2015

After school I went to the hair dresser. It honestly took forever to get over with. Over two hours to be exact. I was going to cut it shorter and dip dye it in a shade of purple. I ended up with shorter hair and bleached tips ombré style. It's not too bad, but the misunderstanding was not timed.

The reason I wanted it purple? Well an change of image I guess, and of course the 5SOS concert coming up has a say in this. I feel like a bimbo now, not the best feeling I'll tell ya.

Well later my mum, sister, best friend's mum, best friend and I were in the car on our way to Oslo. Then we met traffic, in the middle of the country, and ended up using 3 hours getting to where we would normally use less than 50 minutes too.

After hours and hours on end we reached our destiny. At 3am.

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