The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


14. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quick thing, the guy who wrote the original story, Victor Hugo, also wrote Les Miserables. I didn't know that... Anyway, in the original book, Quasimodo is furious at Esmerelda for the fact that she doesn't love him back, so much so that he turns her into Frollo, and she is hung in the public square. 


This is where is gets weird... Afterwards Quasimodo feels so guilty, that he murders Frollo by throwing him off of the cathedral and sneaks into Esmerelda's grave. He then lays with her in her grave, curling around her body and starves to death. After 18 months his body is found, an attempt is made to move his body from his, but his bones turn to dust.

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