The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


2. The Fox and The Hound

A young fox cub was raised by humans, he grew up with this family, unaware of the fact that the hounds he was raised with, were trained to kill him and his kind. However, the family did not want to hunt the fox that they raised, so he was left in the wild to fend for himself once he was old enough. The fox didn't understand why the hounds would hunt his kind, it was not a sport nor a game. The fox returned to his old home, in hope of the answers he so dearly craved, but he didn't get any. In fact, the hounds who were growling and barking at him thought that he was taunting them and showing them his cunning fox skills. 


One of the hounds broke from the chains and chased the fox across the fields. They ran and ran and ran, across the fields, the forests, the rivers. The fox knew that there could only be one way, knowing his way through the forest by now, he ran up the train tracks, knowing a train would arrive there soon. The train rushed pass him as he jumped from the tracks, but the hound he grew up with did not live to see another day. The hound's owner ran after the hound, only to see his demise at the tracks of the train. He knew the fox was responsible and vowed he would kill the damned animal if it would kill him first. 


Years went on but the hunter never got the fox, though he did shoot his first and second mate. He even slaughtered the fox's young before him, but never did the hunter catch him. The fox ran so much of his life, that he did in some way die from the hands of the hunter, for he had died of exhaustion of running his whole life. 

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