The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


4. Sleeping Beauty

There was once a beautiful young woman, her name was Aurora and she was the Princess of her Kingdom. However, there was a dark prophesy that read that she would fall into a deep sleep upon touching a spindle of a spinning wheel before she becomes an adult, and won't wake up until she is kissed by her true love. Aurora knew of the prophesy, but had never been near a spindle and did not know what they looked like.


It was one day, when she exploring the many rooms of the castle she lived, even though being in her adolescence, she still had not discovered every room of the castle. It was in this cold stone room there was nothing, but a simple object hidden underneath a large piece of cloth. Intrigued and curious, she pulled off the cloth and underneath stood a wooden contraption she had not seen before. It had three legs, a wheel sticking upwards from the legs and opposite the wheel, a small stick with thread. She walked around the object, stroking the smooth wood, unaware this was a spinning wheel. 


By the time she realised what the sharp pin like objects was, it was too late. A single drop of blood trickled down her finger as she collapsed to the floor, and she fell into a coma like state. It was not til the evening of that day that she was discovered, and the people of the castle had discovered what was to happen, for you see, the prophesy did not just affect her, the rest of the castle would fall into a deep asleep. When Aurora's Mother and Father put her in her bed, they too like everyone else in the castle began to fall asleep. 


It was not for a hundred years after until someone else would venture into the castle, there was a wall of thorns which weaved through the castle walls. The person to find the castle was a Prince, Phillip, and he braved the castle, swinging his sword at the tall thorns, clearing any in his way. It was when he came to Aurora's room, when his true intention came to play. The story of this castle guarded by thorns and a prophesy was known throughout the land, and Phillip was there to claim the prophesy as his own. Oh, but not by waking everyone up. He pulled up Aurora's dress, removed his clothes and took advantage of a paralyzed and lifeless body. He raped her. 


He left after he had done, not wanting anything else. It was over the course of the next almost year that Aurora did start to grow, but not in height not weight. Her belly began to swell larger, for she was pregnant. With twins. Somehow over the course of her pregnancy the children grew healthy and strong, but it was their birth that was strange. Aurora gave birth to them, whilst still asleep, even the pain of birth did not wake her, though it was her child that woke her up. One of her children sucks her fingers, and they sucked out the splinter that prick her a hundred years ago. When Aurora woke, she was expecting to see her true love standing above her, but she did not. After sleeping for a hundred years she woke to find that she had been raped and was the Mother of twins. 


Everyone else in the castle also woke up, but by the time they were awake enough, Aurora had left with her two children, determined to find the man who impregnated. When she did find Prince Phillip, he was already married to a wicked woman, Laura. She was angry at her husband, ordering a servant to slaughter Aurora and her two children, cook them and serve them to him in a stew. It was to Laura's bad fortune that the servant told Phillip what she had ordered him to do, he was furious.


He calls for his wife, meeting her in his room, sitting in front of a large burning fire, a chair empty next to him. Laura reluctantly sits there, he turns to her, stands, staring down at her. He then grabbed her by the collar of her dress and throws Laura into the fire, letting her body burn to death. Aurora forgives Phillip for what he did to her and looks over the fact that he murdered his wife. With their two children, Aurora and Phillip marry and live happily ever after. 

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