The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


7. Rapunzel

So we all know the original story of Rapunzel, the beginning is basically the same, Prince finds a lonely girl in a tower. However, when he visits her, they have sex (yeah, and shes like ten I think) and they fall in love. It is after some time than she notices that her stomach is expanding, for she was pregnant, with twins. The Prince still visits her, but this time, the witch that had kidnapped her in the first place knew that she had visitors. 


She waits until the Prince visits Rapunzel again, she check on her and the children. But the witch pushes him out of the tower in a rose bush, which ends with him being blind, (more likely had his eyes clawed out but yeah) and is cursed to wander the Earth for the rest of his life. The witch kicks out Rapunzel (like the rebel teenager she is) with her children. Unlike some of these morbid Fairy tales, this one ends with Rapunzel finding her Prince, and they lived happily ever after.

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