The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


5. Pocahantas

Note** The stories will not be shortened due to the fact of them being so many, you still get the information though. 


Pocahantas was historically wrong but lets not get into that for now. Just to upset some people, there was no pet raccoon or hummingbird, sorry. Okay then, first off, Pocahantas wasn't an adult nor young adult, she was a child when the red-headed-five-foot-tall midget (yes he was a midget) Captain John Smith first landed in colonial Virginia, and they barely knew each other, so there was not dancing or singing together. Neither was there a talking tree. 


Pocahantas was actually sold by her father to the 'white folks' for a single copper pot. It was then when she became (well was forced to be) the slave wife of a man called John Rolfe, you'll recognize his name if you've seen Disney's sequel. He took her to England and was presented before the court, however, they watched her die slowly from all of the 'white people diseases' that she caught in London.

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