The Tragic Kingdom

Disney has a reputation for taking seemingly horrifying stories and making them 'kid friendly,' what if they weren't changed... Warning: Might ruin your childhood.


9. Peter Pan - Second

The original book which was written by J.M Barrie, there are some parts that the Disney film does keep such as the scene where Tinkerbell convinces one of the Lost Boys that Wendy was a bird. The boy in question, Tootles tries to shoot down Wendy, but unlike the Disney film, he almost kills her. Ridden with guilt, he begs Peter to kill him... These are all children bear in mind. 


In another part of the book, Captain Hook, who is a grown man in Neverland, attempts to butcher Peter Pan with his book, but claws him badly. Peter finds a rock near the ocean, on the rocks, he waits for death from either bleeding to death or by drowning.  
How Hook meets his end is slightly different as well, Peter kicks Hook over the side of the boat where he meets the jaws of the crocodile. All the murder attempts in the book overshadow themes of racism and underage kidnapping that also seem to exist in every facet of the original story.

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