"His Angel Of Legion"


1. "Meet Your New Room Mate"

~~I sighed deeply as I rested my head onto my Palm at I sat down In "His" Off.

He looked back at me as he made a file appear into thin air and sat up straighter.

Him:My Dear I have a mission for you actually.
Y/N:(smiles) Really?
Him:(Smiles back.) Yes my dear you need it in order to get your official wings.
Y/N:Oh...ok Sir. What is the mission?
Him:(smiles handing me the files as I open it up to see a picture with a handsome young man on it.) He is a young boy who is trouble my dear lady.
Him:A very beautiful girl broke his heart and he became a....well you know what I mean to say.
Y/N:(Nods) Yes Sir now what must I do to fix this?
Him:(sighs folding his hands on top of his desk.) Well I need to send you to earth to mend his broken heart.
Y/N:(Eyes widen) But Sir He should f-("I know Y/N and I'm sending you because I believe your the only one to fix him.
Y/N:(gulps closing the file.) What happens when I have to return to heaven Sir?
Him:(sighs) Only time will tell my dear.....if all goes well you'll get your wings.


~~Y/N:(gulps feeling a gut twisting in her stomach.) And what about Justin?
Him:(smiles weakly) We'll fix it I promise Y/N. Now tomorrow morning when you wake up you'll be attending his college. Also you'you'll have your own apartment. Now run along my child, it's off to bed with you, you'll need a good night's rest.

Y/N walked out his office down to her room for a nights rest before she had to wake up. She only hoped nobody would get hurt in the end. She knew love was a powerful thing, she also knew she was afraid of it. Yes she could use it to her advantage but no good has ever come from it. (The next morning)
I slammed my hand down onto my alarm clock before yawning and rubbing the sleep out of eyes.
I took a look at my surroundings to see I was in a fabulous apartment. Well decorated in white & black marble with angel chandeliers hanging everywhere and a glass guitar sitting by the coffee table with a note.

I picked it up and jumped half-way in there air as I felt an electric shock run through my fingers. I put two of my fingers together before seeing an electric current run from one finger to another staring at them in astonishment.

I immediately looked down at the note and grabbed it. It read "My Dear Child...I know you don't understand why I gave you this power yet. I'm not even sure I'm you remember it at how innocent you are now. Some of you memories might come back to you if your on earth for so long but I wish you too know only use this gift I gave you if it is necessary. Your bright and I know you'll know what to do with It when the time is right." I sighed putting the letter down onto my kitchen table and getting ready for school before putting the guitar back on the rack.

I took one last look in the mirror and frowned. For some reason I could see the scars I had when I was alive. I bit my lip nervously running my fingers across them before throwing on my leather jacker.

I look at the sky and hear myself whisper.
Y/N:(sighs) You know I always thought my scars were beautiful but Sir is this a test?

I wait for an answer to hear nothing before sighing again and making my away out the door down the street to Stratford college.

~~I walked onto the campus to see groups of people. Cliché I know but maybe this stereotype is still true down here. I ran a hand through my hair looking around for the office.

Unknown voice:Lost Beautiful?
(I turned around to see a handsome spanish guy with brown eyes and black short cut hair.) I smiled alittle and sighed.
Y/N:Yes, Very can you please point me to the administration's office?
Unknown Guy:(Smiles) Yes, come on I'll take you Ms.?
Y/N:(smiles as appreciation)Thank you Sir.
Unknown guy:(smiles back.)Adrian.
Y/N:(Shakes hand.) Nice to meet you Adrian. (I trailed beside Adrian as he led me to the office and opened the door for me. I blushed looking down before making my way to the desk in the front to feel a hand on my shoulder as Adrian stood beside me.) Y/N:(Stares at him confused.)You know you don't have to wait here for me right? I'm okay.
Adrian:(smiles)I actually do Y/N, I'm your dome advisor I need to make sure you get to your room safely .
Y/N:(Blush's in embarrassment) Oh sorry.
Adrian:(Laughs) Don't be sorry babygirl, be careful. (Winks.)
Y/N:(Blush's harder smiling before grabbing my transcripts from the receptionist) (I watch as she typed a couple more words on the computer before biting her lip and looking at me gulping before speaking.) Receptionist Woman:Ms.(Y/L/N) I'm Lilian I'm sorry but we don't have any rooms available for you. We actually don't even have a room set for you in this domain or this college.
Y/N:(Confused raising an eyebrow.)So I Don't have a room at all? Is there anywhere I can sleep Ms.Lilian? I need a room please.
Mrs.Lilian:(smiles weakly and sighs before going back to the computer and typing in more words before her eyes widen and bites her lip again.) Ms.Y/L/N there is one available room left but he doesn't have a roomate,it's just him in it. I will let you stay there for a couple nights or unless the board let's you stay there. I will get back to you, here's your key Ms.Y/L/N.

I sighed taking the key and all my papers from her as I turned to Adrian to see him looking at me with a different expression.

~~Y/N:(Confused.) What's wrong Adrian?
Adrian:(sighs running a hand through his hair gulping.) I think I know who your roomate is.
Y/N:(Raise an eyebrow at him.) What's wrong with that?
Adrian:(sighs gesturing for me to follow him as we walked across the courtyard.) You'll find out once you meet him Y/N. (We walk through a door hall full of boys. I gulp as I see them stare at me like I'I'm another species. I sigh feeling self-conscious about myself pulling my bag closer to me as they trail there eyes over me or some scoff at me before we stop in front of a door.) Adrian:(Turns to me smiling alittle bit) This Is actually a guys door I'm sorry but she had nowhere else to put you ma.
Y/N:(Smiles weakly.) It's okay I just appreciate the kindness of your town.
Adrian:(Rubs the back of his neck nervously.) Before you step in here Y/N I need to tell you something.
Y/N:(confused) Okay?
Adrian:(sighs before looking at the door before looking back at me.) Just....please don't fall for him. He's no good babygirl.
Before I could ask anything else he walked away as I sighed and opened the door with my key walking inside the room and looking up.

~~There stood a handsome young guy in his early 20's. He had golden - blonde hair. He only had a towel on covering him from waste down. All his tattoos showing on his arms and chest. I gulped nervously as he turned around and gasped. If this boy wasn't handsome enough his face looked like it was sculpted by a Greek god.
Y/N:(Looks up to see him staring at me smirking whispering to myself.) God help me....


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