"His Angel Of Legion"


2. "He Might Be A Bastard"

~~I watched him as he stared at me with an eyebrow raised before sitting down onto my bunk.

Justin:Not to be rude or anything but why are you in my room babe?
Y/N:(Raise an eyebrow at him.) No one told you huh? And I'm not your babe Justin.
Justin:(laughs) Told me what? And whatever you say doll.
Y/N:(smirks at him.) I'm your new room mate.
Justin:(face drops before it twist in anger.) Look before you go around making rules and shit just know this is my dorm and I will do as I please and do whoever I want in it or when ever I want. Got that? (He spat raising an eyebrow at me challenging me.)
Y/N:(Rolls eyes) You done yet?
Justin:(Glares harder before gritting his teeth and slowly walks towards me as I stand up putting my hands on my hips.) What's your problem?
Y/N:(continues to stare at him.) I don't have one your the one who blew up on me.
Justin:(squint his eyes before backing up alittle bit.) Whatever, just keep your girly shit on your side of the room and don't be here when I have a girl in the room.
Y/N:Are you always so sexist and rude?
Justin:(spins around taking my hands from around my wast and pinning them above my head on to the wall as I stare at him in shock.)Listen you women need to learn respect. All you ever do should cook, clean, do our laundry and keep us satisfied in bed. If I'I'm sexist for thinking like that then so be it. (He slammed my wrists against the wall before letting go and storming to his side of the room.)

~~Y/N:Justin I nev-("Forget about it!"He finish's taking his clothes and storming out the door to take a shower I presume.
I gulp nervously to myself.

Y/N:(looks at the heavens before slowly taking off my jacket to see my scars and look away looking down at myself in the mirror.) You'll always be that scared little brat Y/N,the one nobody loved. Justin hates me how can I make him love me now? (Looks at the sky again.) I sigh standing back up and unpacking my stuff to hear a voice whisper in my head. "I gave you this mission because you are strong I know he may be rough around the edges but he's a diamond in the rough Y/N. Love him, Show him how love use to feel. Show him not all girls are the same. Justin is a rare case Y/N."He says before having his voice disappear with him.

Y/N:(sighs) If I do it, I'll just show him that all girls are the same. When I go back he'll just be heartbroken. What am I even say? There's no way he'll fall for me anyway look at him. He's so handsome and I'm just plain old looking. (I looked back up into the mirror to frown before I feel an emotion come over me sense I was human. I felt a ball in the pit of my stomach, and my blood boil. I felt angry at myself and my parents, also angry at Justin. Before I knew what happend I slammed my fist against the mirror having all the shards fall onto the floor. I jumped back in shock looking at my fist then the ground before taking aid to my hand.)

~~I heard a door open as I was taking the shards out of my hand to see a tall, skinny man about 6,2 with blonde hair and maple leaf jersey on. His eye's widened before stepping over the glass towards me.

Unknown boy:(smiles at me weakly before cleaning up my hand.) Are you okay? I heard a bang and then the mirror break.
Y/N:(Smiles at him.) Fine, thanks for cleaning me up.
Unknown voice: Welcome I'm Drake by the way.
Y/N:(Laughs at his accent a little bit.) Y/N (Y/L/N) at your service Sir.
Drake:(winks) Well then what are you doing in the boys dorm and in his uh room?
Y/N:(sighs) I'm his new roommate.
Drake:(gestures to his heart in shock.) Girl your lucky muther fucker! That fine piece of ass. The things I would do to that boy.
Y/N:(Raise's an eyebrow realising he's gay.) Oh.....
Drake:(laughs) Sorry that boy is just so ugh....now tell me when is your first class girl so I can see your pretty blonde self again?
Y/N:(Laughs and hands him my schedule as he looks at it over and smiles.)
Drake: You have a class in 5 minutes with me. I'll walk you Goldie locks let's go mama.
Y/N:(smiles grabbing my bag before following him out the room to the classroom.)

~~(In Class)
I sigh as I listen to our teacher go on and on about revolution before I feel Drake pass something from me. I give him a confused look before he points to Justin smirking at me. I raise an eyebrow before I open it and squeak in astonishment to see a picture of our teacher Mrs.Henderson hanging from a tree and start to gulp nervously looking at Justin alittle scared. Troubled? He's more like a demon in disguise.

I look up to see Mrs.Henserson in front of my raising an eyebrow with his hand out as he snatches it from me. I gulped as he glares at me.

Mrs.Henderson:You find this funny Ms.Y/L/N?
Y/N:(My eyes widen in shock.) What!? NO - S-("You have lunch duty for the next two weeks. No questions! And don't talk back!
I sigh in defeat as I slump in my chair feeling everybody stare at me as he walks away. I turn around to see Justin smirking at me before he winks doodling back into his notepad as I hear the bell ring.

I grumble to myself and sigh before grabbing my books as I look down making my way up the stairs to where he's sitting. I look up to see everyone gone though and Justin.

Something on his desk catch's my eye though as I sit down in his previous spot and open his sketchbook. So he's an artist, I might be able to use this to my advantage. I open the pad to see pictures of children, his mom, his ex-girlfriend I believe, his sports, and then I flip the page to hear a gasp leave my lips. It was a picture of me in the room sitting down on the bed earlier.

~~He seemed to hate me so much but Drew a very well detailed picture of me. What could it mean though?

OK guys comment and let me know what you think. I know it may seem alittle boring now but Y/N hasn't really found out what Justin's all about okay. Please like and Comment to let me know cause I wanna know how far I can with this story okay?


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