After the Fall

Set just after Iron Man 3, Tony Stark has decided to abandon his Iron Man alter-ego and quit the Avengers. He wants nothing more to do with that world. Unfortunately for Tony, that world is not finished with him...


2. Elves

TV had never been an especially appealing means of entertainment to a man who could make his own AI, robotic suits and who had a glittering collection of fast cars. As such, Tony had been caught unawares when Jarvis announced he should turn on the news.

"What exactly should I do that for?" He asked, speaking via his hands-free earpiece as he walked into his living room.

"Allow me to show you sir." The gentry voice remarked. The 90-inch full-HD 3D-ready TV flicked on, CNN logo coming up in the bottom corner.

"These are live scenes from Greenwich, London, as the mysterious obelisk comes to a halt, having ripped up concrete and turf..."


"Woah indeed. It would appear to be an alien craft of some description. Its arrival method matches those of earlier reports from London."

Tony raised a hand. "Wait a minute, this isn't the first such event?"

"Correct sir. I hadn't mentioned it before now, because you've been preoccupied."

"Jarvis..." Tony began, a touch of anger in his voice. "You are not my therapist."

"No sir, but you did program me to ensure your well-being."


"Sir, it would appear that Thor has made an appearance."

Sure enough, though the pictures from the TV were clearly from a helicopter at some distance, a quick zoom-in revealed the demigod's presence. His cape was unmistakable.

Operating almost on autopilot, Tony walked to his minibar and poured himself a whiskey. Thor was squaring off against someone - or something - shrouded in wispy black smog, but it was the huge black obelisk that was firing the synapses in Stark's head. Imagine what I could do with that...

"It looks like Point-Break has this under control..." Tony paused as the other being/man/cloud suddenly sent the Asgardian flying across the sky. "... or not."

"Should I attempt to contact Captain Rodgers sir?" Asked Jarvis.

"No point, he's done dark. Even I can't locate him, which is saying something. SHIELD are learning to hide their tracks at last." He took another sip of the fiery amber whiskey. Thor had disappeared into some kind of energy vortex. "Jarvis, do we have anything available to help Thor?" He asked casually.

"I'm afraid not sir. You did do a thorough job of dismantling your arsenal."

"Ah well. I'm sure SHIELD will have assets in the area." Thor reappeared, and was now wielding some weird techno sticks. A few quick slashes and suddenly the other guy was missing limbs. Clever.

A pang of wistful desire shot through Stark. Don't go there.

The mysterious cloud and the obelisk had now all vanished, along with the being that had been at the heart of the apparent trouble. "Thor's saved the day." Remarked Stark.

"Indeed. He is quite resilient."

There was no denying that. Was there any requirement for him to get involved in such hijinks again? It didn't feel that way. There was also no denying that, watching Thor, Stark found himself missing the suit all the more.

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