My school life

"And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom"

A fanfic about 5SOS


13. chapter 9

Chapter 9

"No we are not going" I said as we still looked at each other.

"Pleeeeaaaaasee" he said


"Fine then I'm not gonna talk to u"he said as he walked away. Wow he is really acting like a 5 year old. He walked up to my room and I followed.

"Babe come on its just one party" I said trying to get him to talk to me. He still didn't talk.

"FINE WE CAN GO!" I yelled as he jumped up


"Luke your really acting like a 5 year old."

Later that night, I got ready and we went to Michael's house. Luke pulled me to the back and we started taking shots. Then we went to the dance floor and I started grinding on him. I found some of my friends and started to dance with them. I heard drunken Luke say that he was going to drink some more. I kept dancing. And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom. I couldn't really see who it was considering it was dark... Then the lights come on and I see who it is. Michael Clifford.

"Hey babe I know u missed me" he said.

"No I didn't now get off of me"

"Not until I'm done with u. Then u will want me back."

I tried moving out of his grip but he was too strong. I started to scream and what felt like hours later, Luke came in and beat the living shit out of him.

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