My school life

"And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom"

A fanfic about 5SOS


9. chapter 6

Chapter 6

The police officers asked if they could come in. I allowed them inside and closed the door behind me. They asked me to sit down and I started to get really scared. I sat down and they told me some bad news.

"Miss Carmen Smith.." One of them said

"Your parents... Are dead" said the over one

I started to tear up. " how did this happen?"

"They got into a really bad car accident on the way to some pace and they both died"

"So you have the choice to live here by yourself since your old enough or you can live with one of your family members." The first one said.

"I want to stay here." I said trying to keep my confidence.

I tried to hold it in but it wasn't worth it. I started balling I had never cried this much. EVER. I heard the door open and close. Then I started to hear footsteps. I turned around and saw Luke. I ran to him and started crying into his chest. Luke then asked me what happened. "M----my p--p--parents" was all I could get out

"Baby what happened to your parents."

"Th--they d--d--died in a car accident"

" awwww poor baby I'm so sorry. I'll stay here with u for as long as you want just let me call my mom."

Luke called his mom and she said it was fine and that if we do anything.... Use protection. I cried in Luke's chest the rest of the day. The next day I woke up and didn't feel the comfort of Luke next to me. I figured he was downstairs so I just forgot about it and went to use the bathroom. When I got out, Luke was standing there with a tray of food. I sat down on my bed and he handed me the tray. I couldn't eat it all I could do was play with it.

"Carmen, babe I know that your still upset about the incident but u need to eat sweetheart."

"Luke, as much as I want to, I can't. I just can't believe my parents died right before my 19 birthday( it was in 2 days)"

"Hon I understand but you need to eat you can't starve yourself. How about this. If you eat at least half of that food then the rest of the day we can cuddle up in your bed with some ice cream and movies. How does that sound?"

" YAY" i screamed like a little kid while I was already stuffing my mouth with food. You can't get me wrong I love ice cream.

"At least I got my baby girl to smile" Luke said while smirking. I managed to finish the food and I sat down with all my movies on my bed. Me and Luke picked out one of out favorites. Happy feet. We cuddled up and watched different movies all day while eating the ice cream. I was still sad about my parents. But I was happy that I was with my one and only.

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