My school life

"And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom"

A fanfic about 5SOS


16. chapter 10

Chapter 10

The next day me and Luke went to Starbucks to get coffee. I don't like much coffee so I got a vanilla bean frappé. Like got himself some coffee. As we walked out I saw Michael sitting with some girl. Her hair was blonde with purple ends and from what I saw, she looked like she had blue eyes. Me and Luke walked towards them.

"So I see u have a new bitch Michael. " I said.

"Well Carmen, she isn't a bitch but she is new"

"Hey I'm hannah" she said sticking her hand out to shake hands with me.

"Yeah I'm Carmen"

Me and Luke walked around for a while until we got to a park. I sat on the bench while Luke was acting like his 5 year old self and playing on the playground. After about 5 minutes I got a text from a random words number.


Unknown: stay the hell away from Michael or I will beat the living shit out of u.

Me: he is my ex I have nothing to do with him. And I'd like to see u try.

(End of text)

That must of been that hoe he was hanging out with earlier. Well she obviously is a bitch. I checked Instagram and then put my phone back in my pocket and sooner or later I was being pulled to play with Luke.

"Luke let me go"


We ended up playing for about 2 more hours and then we went home. I made us some dinner and we ate. We got upstairs and I got undressed to take a shower. Next thing I know, Luke is in there with me. After about an hour of me washing him and him washing me, things got heated. Luke carried me out of the shower and laid me on the bed. I stared into his gorgeous blue eyes. He started to suck on my neck and left hickeys. Then he started to get lower and left a trail of kisses down my body. He put his finger near my clit, teasing me. Then he stuck them in. I tried my best to hold in a moan but it didn't work. He started to suck on my vagina and he stuck his tongue in. After a while of him doing that he got up and stuck his huge member inside of me. I moaned in pleasure. He kept thrusting in and out of me until we both reached our highs.

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