My school life

"And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom"

A fanfic about 5SOS


4. 2

2nd chapter

I got Allison and she didn't have breakfast so we headed for Wendy's which was on the way to school. She ordered a 10 piece nugget meal. We headed for school and when we got there we found a parking space and got out. We walked through the school doors and the person I wasn't expecting to see at the door was standing there. My ex Michael Clifford. What did I ever see in him?? Brooke looked at me and saw who I was staring at and told me not to mind him and keep walking. So I went to my locker and put in the combination which is 33-40-19 and put my stuff in there. I got everything ready for first period and went to my class to put it down then I started walking around with Brooke and this really cute boy came up to me and said "do u know where the bathroom is?" I showed him the bathroom and started walking again with Brooke "Omg......did u see him he is sooooooo HOT"

"Yeah I saw him and he wasn't that cute."

The bell rang and I ran to first period and I had Spanish. Damn that class confuses me so much.

"hola soy clase Torez señor y hoy vamos a llegar a conocer el uno al otro primero permite llegar a conocerme . me gusta comer." The teacher said I understood nothing that he said so I took out my phone and looked it up. The teacher caught me and gave me detention GREAT *note to sarcasm*.

After school i go to get my phone back from mr. Torez. I went home and went to the kitchen to get something to eat and I noticed a note on the table. I picked it up and sat down. It was from my mom saying I need to pick up my little brother because she will be home late. So I go pick up my brother. When I get there That cute boy from earlier is there. He is sitting there with a drink.



"Um I'm here to pick up my little brother"

Then my brother came up to me and screamed my name. I looked over at the guy and he stood up and gave me my phone. I left it where he was sitting by accident.when I went outside and got in the car I saw I had a text

(Text message)


Me:who the fuck r u

Luke:the guy that u saw when u picked up ur brother

Me:and how the hell did u get my number

Luke:well when ur brother ran up to u I put my number in

Me:so how did u get in my phone? I have a pass

Luke:I'll tell u all that if u go get coffee with me tonight

Me:like as in a date

Luke:well it's only me and u so yes

Me:ok what time

Luke:8:00 tonight

Me:ok see u there

( end of messages)

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