My school life

"And suddenly I got pulled into the bathroom"

A fanfic about 5SOS


2. 1

1st chapter

I woke up on the first day of school to my phone beeping. I knew that I was a sophomore and it isn't that bad but I can't wait until freshman hell week. I got up and put on my Marilyn Monroe tank top, my leggings and my bred 5's. I did my makeup and my hair. I ran down the stairs and ate my cereal. Then I painted my nails black with white crackle and went for my daily jog. I ran 2 blocks and turned around so I ran 4 blocks. By then my nails were dry and my phone flashed

(Text message)

Brooke- hey bæ how r u

Me(Carmen)- good and u

Brooke- good.....

Brooke- u wanna pick me up and bring me to school 😁

Carmen- arite see u soon, around 6:20?

Brooke- ok I'll be waiting

(End of text)

I went out of the door and locked it. I hopped in my neon green mustang and headed to pick up Brooklynn.

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