Daily Short Story

I haven't entered anything in a longgg time, so I felt that a diary was a good way of continuing a real passion of me, I've always wanted to have one, so this is a great opportunity for me.

So I had an idea, everyday, instead of just diary entries, I will also be writing a short story alongside, whether that or a drawing or poem or something, something creative to keep my writing and imagination going, so revision doesn't dampen my spirit too much.

My actual life, for everyone to see.


19. 4/06/2015





I have like nothing to say today. I haven't been doing art or writing or anything. I had my physics exam though, went absolutly crap. So bad. Won't be suprised if I have failed this year. I can't drop it though, no way am I dropping physics and doing art next year. It is far far far too much work. Ridiculous amount. Takes up more time than everything else together. Plus the teacher is crap. Well two of them, one of them is crap the other can be alright at times. I had such a good class though, with Suzanna and Xenia. I'll miss them once I drop the subject, since I won't be going to that school once I drop the class, since I go to 3 schools, so I really need to get rid of one of them.


Puppy Progress

I have started to teach Bailey how to lie down, he's starting to get it. He is also managing to literally climb up the sofa, like a little mountain climber, it is adorable. And amazing. Soon he will be able to jump that high, then we'll be in trouble.


Rumble :3

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