Daily Short Story

I haven't entered anything in a longgg time, so I felt that a diary was a good way of continuing a real passion of me, I've always wanted to have one, so this is a great opportunity for me.

So I had an idea, everyday, instead of just diary entries, I will also be writing a short story alongside, whether that or a drawing or poem or something, something creative to keep my writing and imagination going, so revision doesn't dampen my spirit too much.

My actual life, for everyone to see.


15. 31/05/2015




Woke up at like 12, had to rush to get ready to go out to my rugby awards presentation that started at 12, good job me, I didn't win anything, not that I expected to since I had been out half the season with glandular fever, not fun, so we were meant to have a BBQ outside which ended up being inside since England = bad weather. I had a nice cheeseburger though. Forgot to get any tomatoes :c but I did have a beautiful red velvet cupcake, which seems to be my favourite at the moment. I then got back to my dads, and sorta didnt do shit for a few hours, but then I got to go home to my baby Bailey, so kawaii. Then I just went to bed. I don't have any more art or stuff today, sorry, but I will give you another picture of him :D



Puppy progress - A new section which I will talk about Bailey in and the progress in training I have

I tried to train him a bit, I've watch all these videos and it and stuff, but this guy ain't having any of it. He will just continue to bite and mess around, impossible to deal with. He is more interested in my fingers than the snacks.


Rumble :3

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