Daily Short Story

I haven't entered anything in a longgg time, so I felt that a diary was a good way of continuing a real passion of me, I've always wanted to have one, so this is a great opportunity for me.

So I had an idea, everyday, instead of just diary entries, I will also be writing a short story alongside, whether that or a drawing or poem or something, something creative to keep my writing and imagination going, so revision doesn't dampen my spirit too much.

My actual life, for everyone to see.


5. 21/05/2015





So, nothing interesting at all happened today. I had a driving lesson, which was ok. Only two hours left that I paid for our of 20, and I'm no way near ready enough for my test. But hey, I'll just have to spend even more money on lessons that I can't really afford.


Me and bae haven't been great recently, I don't really know why. He's in his depressive state, gets angry really easily. He gets far too pissed off, doesn't let go of him, always has to win. I'm trying to be patient, but its difficult with him being like this. Plus that face hes across the sea means I can't even be there to calm him down. The positive thing is he's coming down in a couple weeks, well hopefully, 


So thats about it for today.


Rumble :3



So todays creative peice is a very old short story which I wrote during school a longggg time ago, so its not as good as I would have liked, maybe I should have rewritten it. Oh wells. Here it is.

The colour of money, Part 1/3


It seemed like forever that I’d been a property developer...to put it simple, it seemed like my job kept on dragging on and on, never knowing when it would end. I started off with only £1500 given to me by a man with a monocle and a large mostache...do not know what that was all about...so, I set of with just me and my little dog, it was quite a cute dog really. I really didn’t have much and in retrospect, it isn’t really enough to start with, a bit of an impossible amount to get along with...but I was sure I would be able to build it up to almost an empire of housing and I was sure I will be able to gain money as long as I strategically placed my housing.

So, almost straight away I brought a run-down apartment on Old Kent Road – a real bargain, I was pretty sure I was getting rather good at quick decisions about property.  I quickly built the apartment right up, and I was sure I could, in fact I thought I would, definitely get a few catches off it, even if It didn’t collect much from people renting. It wasn’t a very good start, but, I was sure it would start me off. It also helped that it meant I was hopeful that it would make my other competitors slightly uncomfortable and nervous of me already starting up my property chain. I occasionally had to pay rent for other houses and hotels, I needed somewhere to stay, of course, before I made my next move, which meant I needed more money, fast, so I looked around and managed it buy a place on Bow Street. I was still looking out for a place at Mayfair, I knew it was a long shot and everything, it was extremely expensive, and plus everyone was after it, but I thought that if things went in my favour, I was sure I could secure it before anyone else; I just had to be lucky.

Later on, it turned out I was a bit luckier than I thought, I managed to land an extra £1500 from one of my building loans maturing, so I was really on my way to Mayfair! But still...no one was taking out any loans on my houses; I wasn’t getting any income from that, which means I was, yet again, losing money, fast.

My luck really seemed to dip at this point, I managed to have an accident which meant that I owed the doctor £500 in treatment – I hardly knew what it was for! So that was yet another great loss, and it meant I was running low on money...yet again...I seem to be seeing a pattern. Then I got in trouble with the law...I mean somehow I managed to get caught speeding, however that works, and I got fined £150. I then also managed to get into jail for no apparent reason, but only for a short amount of time, as I was bailed out luckily for a couple of hundred pounds.


Part 2 on its way

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