Daily Short Story

I haven't entered anything in a longgg time, so I felt that a diary was a good way of continuing a real passion of me, I've always wanted to have one, so this is a great opportunity for me.

So I had an idea, everyday, instead of just diary entries, I will also be writing a short story alongside, whether that or a drawing or poem or something, something creative to keep my writing and imagination going, so revision doesn't dampen my spirit too much.

My actual life, for everyone to see.


2. 18/05/2015



Second day of diary, I'm still actually doing. May not seem particularly impressive, but hey, I'm getting stuff done. What did I do today? Well, I missed my alarm so woke up at 12 instead of 10, all is good since I have study leave though. Tomorrow however, I have my A level physics exam, don't get me wrong, I have been revising and working pretty hard for it, but I just know it won't turn out well, at all, this isn't like GCSEs, where you can literally revise the night before and do well, this is hard work. Doesn't help I missed like half this year of school due to being very ill with Glandular fever. At this point, literally all my walls are covered with pieces of paper with equations on. I must have written out the textbook like twice.


Last year I remember we had this horrible teacher, he hated my guts, I don't even know why. He would always pick on me every lesson, just making me answer all the questions. Could have been something to do with my old class were made up of drug addled teenagers who thought they were too cool for school as it were. That expression actually makes me want to cry though, too cool for school. Eh, never thought I'd ever use it. But pretty simply, his feelings haven't changed since I managed to be stuck with him for another year. Probably next year too. 


I always find ways to procrastinate revising, I can't ever bring myself to revise without something else going on, whether it be Netflix on in the background or a playlist of music on. I suppose a positive to this is that I have managed to get through all seasons of Once Upon a Time, which actually surprised me, its actually a pretty good show. I also managed to get through Season 5 of the Vampire Diaries, also surprised me and I had been meaning to do it for a while. I'm working through the Office now, (US), already on Season 9. Who needs a social life when you have Netflix, hey? heh. I mean I even spent around 30 minutes earlier picking out some seeds I don't like from my couscous, I don't even regret it.


So that was my really not interesting day, wish me luck with my exam tomorrow, I'll need it.


Rumble :3

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