Daily Short Story

I haven't entered anything in a longgg time, so I felt that a diary was a good way of continuing a real passion of me, I've always wanted to have one, so this is a great opportunity for me.

So I had an idea, everyday, instead of just diary entries, I will also be writing a short story alongside, whether that or a drawing or poem or something, something creative to keep my writing and imagination going, so revision doesn't dampen my spirit too much.

My actual life, for everyone to see.


28. 13/06/2015




So bae came today, I should have written more about the past two times I have spent time with him, I will get round to it, I havent got the greatest memory and these things are the most important things to me. Its great though. I love him a bunch. I really do. My bae. Heh.


I didnt do much today, picked him up from airport, went home, loved him a bit, then we went out to get food, ingredients for dinner, which was a really nice vegetable and mince pasta dish, he did a really good job with cooking, Im so glad it was him and not my dad. He cant cook. At all. Horrific, disgusting. Egh. But yeah, then we went over to my mothers to look after my lil puppy for the evening since she was going out so we just hung out around the house for the evening, watched spider man though, so good.


All these posts will be pretty short, I havent done any art or anything and wont be during the week.


Rumble :3

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