Notice Me | m.c.


1. prologue

There were somedays that she just wanted to give up. Days where the voices got too loud and where her hope began to fade. She didn't like talking very much on those days. And when people would ask why she was being so quiet, she would put on her best fake smile (she's gotten rather good at fake smiling and would tell them one of her top 5 lies, "I'm just really tired." Of course, everyone wanted to believe the lie, so they did. They would fake smile back at her and return to being blind. She would return to battling her thoughts. Sometimes, she could barely breathe on these kind of days. Maybe it was because she was holding her breath so long her head would get dizzy or perhaps it was because she was silently drowning, struggling to breathe. It was okay though, she would always reassure herself. Even while she was crying, she would tell herself that. She would go throughout her day, barely breathing and battling a war inside her head, tracing scars from previous wars she had loss. Then she would get home, fake smile and lie again, "Yeah, school was good today." It wasn't. It never was. Her mom believed her, so she went upstairs, closed her door and laid down on her bed. And the she cried. She was in pain, she was losing again. Her best friend texted her, asking if she was okay. She said she was fine, cried some more, and maybe gained some new battle scars. Then she cried herself to sleep. She woke up the next day. Her body felt numb and her headached. Truth be told, the next day was never better. It was always the same or worse. The only difference was that somedays, she actually won her battle. It never got better; she was always lying to herself and others. No one knew until she broke down. That was the sad thing: no one noticed and it was because no one wanted to notice.

I have a secret.

This girl is me.

She's also thousands of girls across the world.

Please, just notice them.

Notice me.

Funny how when someone finally did, I ran away from them...

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