Luna' s wonders


1. Luna

(This short story is Luna and Neville getting married and making and having children)"hey Luna,I can't believe today we will get married"." I know nevie"I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her and breathed in her perfume which smelt sweet like choclate."um u r getting married in 5" the minister I walked out I thought of my vows.finally t was time to say our vows."Mr.Longbottom your vows first".I pulled out the paper and read"since my parents were crucified I had a very sad childhood.until I met Luna we started out as very good friends in the D.A. and one day I fell in love when I realized we r perfect for eachother because I am weird I guess and she is weird too.and I like that and I would not love her any other way".I looked over at Luna and saw she was crying but smiling in her kind face with her blonde hair falling over her face.after our honey moon we made out every night and eventually we had baby Alice after his mom and then a boy 2 years later named Xneli after Lunas dad.we went on a vacation in the muggle world to Florida and it was the saddest Vacation started when luna heard heard that her dad had gone to we had no family time for the first 2 days then on the third day Luna want to get grocerys with Xneli and they did not return it turned out that they were stabbed by some death eaters who still believes voldemort would come and Alice left immediately and when we got back we cried then I thought she left me with some one. Some part of her.I ran to her dresser and grabbed her radish earings and gave them to Alice and what she gave me was a beautiful daughter and 2 years to love her and she gave me the happiness that I needed and I am so thankfull for her.

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