Irresistible (N.H and L.T Fanfic)

Alyssa O'Reilly, a 20 year old Irish Lass, is in the slavery/apocalyptic world, where either your a slave, in a house lucky to be alive and not dead, or your free, but not for long if you get bitten. She is the only girl left of her kind because of her..............Find out more in this fanfic..


1. Prologue

Run. Was all I was thinking, Zombies were chasing me, and so were slave owners such as an Irish one himself. His blue eyes, blonde hair, with brown roots. My god he is so sexy... My lord what am I thinking!!! He is trying to get me! I shouldnt be thinking such a thing im a Catholic. . Lordy, im going to be going to hell.. i ran into an alley and up a fire escape route and into an open apartment.  I turned around only to my surprise to see ocean blue eyes looking at me.. "Night, Night sweetheart"

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