Irresistible (N.H and L.T Fanfic)

Alyssa O'Reilly, a 20 year old Irish Lass, is in the slavery/apocalyptic world, where either your a slave, in a house lucky to be alive and not dead, or your free, but not for long if you get bitten. She is the only girl left of her kind because of her..............Find out more in this fanfic..


5. Chapter 4

~~"I know you all to well Niall." She smirked.
"Yes apparently you do Princess.." I smirked.
"Don't call me that..." She growled.
"What ever you say Princess.." I smirked, winking while going into the bathroom to get ready.
"Here let me help you," Alyssa said, taking the comb from my hand.
"No," I scolded her. "Your going to hurt your wrist!"
"Fine." She sighed.
As she was walking out, I realized she cant do her own hair, pick out her own clothes or anything! My god, my poor Princess.  But I know who can pick it out for her. I pressed the intercom on my wall. "Hemmings, forward me to Melissa, Perrie, and Taylor. " I ordered. 
"Yes sir!" He said.
He put me through to the girls and all I heard was giggling and laughing.
"So I was laying on the bed, and all  of a sudden I see him coming in with a tent in his pants." Perrie chuckles.
"Ms.Edwards! Ms.Whitlaw and Ms.Swift! What do you have to say for talking about my thing behind my back!" I yelled.
"Were sorry Sir, and will accept our punishment." They said in unison.
"Good, now I need one of you to go to Alyssa's room and pack some clothes for her, you know the usual for going on a trip."
"With or without the matching lingerie?" Taylor asked.
"With, the red one Tay, also pack her the black dress, and the short red spy like dress."
"Yes sir." She sounded excited.
"Now I need both of you to come up here, with a nice dress, and get her some heels." I ordered.
"Yes sir!" They said excitedly.
The food was now here, and I thanked Luke and placed it down on the table. "Alyssa, come here." I ordered.  She came over and her eyes widened, I knew how much she loved food, my eyes started to widen as she gobbled the whole thing down. A minute later it was done.  "Thats my Princess I know and love." I smiled. "And your my Prince Charming I have always loved." She smiled,  kissing my cheek leaving a pink lipstick mark.
"Alyssa, are you excited to see my parents again?" She nodded, "I've always loved Maura! Besides I miss her potatoes!" She squealed. "I've missed them to!" "Alyssa, in a couple of minutes,  Perrie, Melissa and Taylor are going to come up and do your make up for the business tril, because I do have buisness there." She nodded, "that's fine." As she was getting up the door swung open. "Were here!!!" They yelled,"Were ready to make this Beauty into a Fabulous Beast!" They grabbed both of her arms and dragged her all the way to the make up area. I started chuckling. 
"Alyssa, sweetie you ready to go?" I heard her heels click in the bathroom, so I went to check on her.  "What should I do, should I wear itx or should i not?" She kept asking herself. "Should you wear what?" "My purity ring!" She exclaimed.  "It looks just like an engagement ring,  so they will think were engaged, they always wanted me to marry you." "Yeah, I know...." I sighed. "Well ready to go then???" " as ready as I'll ever be." She clapped. "Lets go."
*20 minutes later*
20 minutes later we were on the road again to Ireland. It was a nice trip, I couldn't wait to see my parents again I miss them very much ever since the apocalypse happened.  "Niall sweetheart are you okay?"  tears start rolling down my cheeks, "yes, im fine." I sighed.  Ireland just brings back childhood memories for me, and it hurts that my childhood memories are basically gone now. " I remember when this place you speak beautiful and there was meadows and fields now it's zombies and fire" She sighed. " I remember how we used to  hold hands and walk down the fields together when we were just 10 years old." We said in unison. "  those were some good times Alyssa." "  agreed Niall." She said.
*30 minutes later*
We were at my mothers house, the house I grew up in. "Mama, im home!" I shouted. "Niall, my son! Ho-" she shouted before she saw Alyssa. "My lord, its Alyssa O'Reilly, the last blonde haired,blue eyed virgin in the world." She said. "It's nice to see you to maura." She smiled, going to hug my sister. "So Maura, did you make your potatoes?" My mother smirkes, "what kind of Irish would I be if I didnt make my potatoes?" She questioned Alyssa. "What kind of Irish lass would I be if I didn't eat your potatoes Maura?" She questioned my mum. "So what brings you two out here for a visit?" She asked. "Were actually in Ireland on a buisness trip." I explained. "Oh really, whats the buisness this time, are you taking her to somewhere "special"?" My mum wiggled her eyebrows. " I started chocking on my beer, "No Mum!!! I would never do that to Alyssa!" I felt heat rush to my cheeks. "Maura!!" I heard Alyssa say, "Um please tell me nobodys in your house." My mom started whistling.  All of a sudden something bursted through my Mums bedroom door, it was m-m-my "Dad??" I stammered. He was a zombie, bloodshot eyes, gray skin, red vains popping out. He growled at us, and went after Alyssa. "Alyssa, Mum, lets get out  of here!" I yelled. Alyssa was trying to do her best to get out since she has two casts, one on her arm, and another on her leg. "Alyssa duck!!!" I screamed, then I threw a knife at my fathers head, and then we made a dash for my car. "Mum, Alyssa are you okay?" I questioned,  out of breath. "Think so." My mum said. Alyssa stayed silent. "Alyssa darling, are you okay?" She still stayed silent. My Mum looked at Alyssa and well she had a cut on her arm. "She's bleeding!" My Mum screamed. "Let me get the med kit, then you patch her up." I reached into the glove department and got the medkit, I gave it to my Mum and she started cleaning the wound. "Hun this next part im going to knock you out,  okay love?" She nodded, and started drifting off.  I started driving to the Hotel.


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