Irresistible (N.H and L.T Fanfic)

Alyssa O'Reilly, a 20 year old Irish Lass, is in the slavery/apocalyptic world, where either your a slave, in a house lucky to be alive and not dead, or your free, but not for long if you get bitten. She is the only girl left of her kind because of her..............Find out more in this fanfic..


4. Chapter 3

~Nialls P.O.V (Aka Mr.Horan)
A virgin? Impossible, I've never had a virgin in this mansion. This is crazy!!!, I thought. Since Louis and I own this mansion, I thought I should tell him. But something seems different about her since we last saw each other in school, Is it her eyes or is it her hair? I just don't get it? What could it possibly be? I started walking down to the Hospital Wing, when I swore I heard Alyssa's' Voice.
"Get off of Me!!!" She cried.
"Baby girl I love you! Let me make love to you!" He said. Clifford, I growled. He shouldn't be hurting my baby. I will make her mine. I dashed backwards to Alyssa.
"Clifford get off of her now!" I yelled.
"I'm so sorry Sir." He stuttered, letting go of her hand.
"Michael, leave now!" I screamed. Michael made a dash for it.
"Alyssa, are you okay? What did he do to you?" I asked.
"H-h-he c-c-c-cut m-m-m-me, I-I-I-I l-l-l-l-l-lost a-a-a l-l-l-l-l-l-l-lot o-o-o-o-of b-b-b-b-blood." She stammered.
"I will kill him Alyssa, I promise." I said.
"No, don't. But take me to the hospital wing, hurry, I feel light headed." She sniffed. I grabbed a wheel chair and helped Alyssa in. I wheeled her down the hall as quickly as I could. Hopefully Dr.Irwin is in, otherwise my beautiful Alyssa will die. I don't want to make the Same Mistakes that I made back in secondary school.
"Dr.Irwin!!! Where are you!?!?!" I roared, hoping that would get Ashton's attention.
"Yes, Mr.Horan." He piped. He gasped when he saw Alyssa. "My god! What happened to Alyssa?!?!"
"Clifford." I hissed.
Ashton grabbed Alyssa's wheelchair and ran into the emergency room with her. He hooked her up and checked her vitals. "SHES FLATLINING!!!! CALUM GET ME A BLOODPRESSURE MEDICATION, A BLOODPRESSURE MACHINE, A NEEDLE, SOME THREAD AND AN ICEPACK." I heard Ashton scream. My god, my poor Alyssa, I thought.
Hours upon Hours later, she was finally out. Well not really. " How is she Dr.Irwin?" I asked.
"She has a fractured wrist and broken ankle." He coughed..
"What?" I asked.
"Michael G. Cliffford didn't just slit her wrist, but, he did fracture her wrist as well, and broke her ankle." He said.
"IM GOING TO KILL HIM!!" I protested.
"No don't!" He pleaded, "Michael has some mental problems. For example: One day he thinks he is the prettiest girl, then sees other girls as competition, just like poor Alyssa, but its a side effect of the virus."
"Wait Clifford is bit?" I questioned.
"Technically in this case, yes, but not really, he got scratched by a Zombie and now he is kind of infected." He sighed, "but im sending him down to Dr.Payne and Dr.Styles in the morning."
"Alright, here I will take Alyssa up to my room for rest." I insisted.
"Alright sir, I'll get her in the wheelchair for you." He proposed.
"That is fine Mr. Irwin, take a break afterwards" I insisted.
"Alright, thank you sir." He said, and wheeled Alyssa to me.
"No thank you Ash." I said, shaking his hand.
Minutes later I was wheeling Alyssa up to my room. We took the diamond studded lift up to my room. You know, I kinda hate this mansion. I feel like its kind of too  fancy... Like we have so many maids, butlers, and too many chefs. She is basically pampered here. Well not really because she is a slave, but if she was my wife, then she would be pampered. We got up to my room and I totally forgot she had no pajamas with her. And since she was asleep, I had to undress her.
I got a pair of my boxers, and a tank top, and I started to take off her jeggings, as softly as I could. I finally got her in my boxers, and my tank top.  God, she looks so pretty, with her brown eyes and brown hair. God I wish she was mine.
Alyssa needeed to get some sleep., so I gently tucked her into my king size bed. I fluffed a pillow for her leg and gently put the cover over her. She is
so precious. Her eyes fluttered open and they were hazel???? "When did you have hazel eyes??" I hissed.
"Niall there is something I have to tell you." She sighed. "I am wearing brown contacts." She slowly took out her contacts, and her pale blue eyes showed. "Remember the song you used to sing me?" She asked.
"Yeah I do." I said, "but I won't sing it because you need some sleep."
"Fine. Night you little Leprechaun." She giggled.
"I wouldn't be talking, your just the right size for a leprechaun and you have the eyes and everything" I smirked.
"Shut up!"She hissed, throwing a pillow at me.
"Alright, alright, I surrender." I put my hands up in the air.
"Good, Night Niall." She yawned. Once she was sound asleep I started singing.
I find your lips,  so kissable
Your fingertips so, touchable
And your eyes, Irresistible.....
I got into bed right next to her, and snuggled next to her. Her hair smelled like strawberries and blueberries and her skin was as soft as silk. So I couldn't just help but touch it. This reminds me so much of year 5, when my mate, John, saeed me to touch her hand. It was magical that day.
It was morning, and Alyssa was still sound asleep. She looked peaceful and happy. I didn't want to disturb her so I ordered breakfast quietly.
"Hemmings?" I asked quietly.
"Yes??" He replied.
"Get me 2 stacks of Chocolate chip pancakes, and 2 orders of hashbrowns." I ordered.
"Yes sir,  it will be there in 15 minutes." He stated.
I hopped out of bed, slowly,  trying not to wake up Alyssa. As soon as I was off the bed I silently dashed for the bathroom to take a shower. Halfway through the shower, I heard Alyssa start to sing.
He finds my lips, so kissable
My fingertips, so, touchable.
And my eyes, Irresistible
She has such a beautiful voice. I have always loved her singing voice. It reminds me of an Angels voice.
I was done with my shower, so I hopped out, only to see Alyssa playing with my sunglasses.  "Hey don't break those!" I yelled. She just backed off right away,  which made me chuckle. "So Alyssa,  I have to go on a buisness trip, would you like to come with me?" I asked. Her eyes widened, she started to smile.
"I would love to go back to Mullengier, to see your parents." She smiled.
"How did y-" she cut mr off. " I know because when u say buisness, you mean Ireland.  I know you all to well."

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