Irresistible (N.H and L.T Fanfic)

Alyssa O'Reilly, a 20 year old Irish Lass, is in the slavery/apocalyptic world, where either your a slave, in a house lucky to be alive and not dead, or your free, but not for long if you get bitten. She is the only girl left of her kind because of her..............Find out more in this fanfic..


3. Chapter 2

"Louis, come get Ms.O'Reilly" Dr.Irwin said through the walkie-talkie. "Yes Sir." He called. 10 minutes, later Louis was here.
"C'Mon lets go." He said, tugging on my arm. As we walked out of the room, I started to ask some questions.
"So, whose Mr.Horan?".
"Mr.Horan is the actual owner of this mansion. "Louis explained, "but I am the co-owner of this Lovely lovely mansion. "
"Well its very lovely, can I see my room so I can freshen up a bit?" I asked politely.
"Sure." He replied. We walked down this long corridor, and into this huge room.
"Mr.Horan picked this huge room out for you, he thinks your something special." Louis said. "Shit...The blue eyes, it is the eyes...But I never knew him personally did I?" I thought.
"Well I'll tell him you wanted to freshen up, then I'll come back when you are ready." He said.
"What's your name again?" I asked.
"Just call me Mr.Tomlinson." He said, and winked at me.
"Alright, see you later then Mr.Tomlinson." I said, waving goodbye to him. What a flirt, I thought. I went in and saw that Mr.Horan left me a note. It read: "Hello Alyssa, we met once before, when we were in years 9-12. I was a nerd of course, you'd always laugh at me for doing the things I've done, but of course you dont remember, so..Its fine see you in a bit love. Xoxox Niall Horan"
Niall Horan, sounds really familiar. I thought. It rings a bell yeah, but I cant match a face with it. I headed for the closet and picked out an outfit. I picked a black tank with a pink cross on it a pair of pink jeggings, and black vans. I laid my outfit on the bed an went into the bathroom, it was wow! There is a shower, bathtub, a full body mirror, a toilet, and a sink. I grabbed some shampoo, conditioner, and soap. I started the shower and hopped in. Half way through the shower I started to hear some voices.
"Louis, I didn't want her to wash up! I wanted to show her to her room! I mean she was my crush back then, and still is!" The one I'm guessing to be Niall said.
"Look, Niall I am sorry! I didn't know." Louis said.
"Yeah, sure you didn't Louis! I told you a thousand times already!" Niall yelled.
With that I finish doing what I was doing in the shower and got out. I put on a robe and I put a towel in my hair. I walked out of the bathroom to see that they were in the middle of a fist fight. Louis was on the floor, his lip was bleeding and so was his nose, I'm guessing it was broken. Then there was Niall, perfectly fine. "Niall!!!!!" I yelled, "What did you do to him?!?!?" I started cupping Louis' face. I ran into the bathroom, got a washcloth, some band aids. I got a bowl of water and ran back to Louis. I started cleaning his face up and I applied a coin to Louis' nose to stop the bleeding, "Alyssa? What are you doing?!?!" Niall asked.
"I unlike other people, are helping Louis, because if you didn't know the smell of blood attract zombies!" I yelled.
"Well i'm sorry, he just got on my nerves!!" He yelled.
"Get me a wheel chair, i'm wheeling him to Hospital wing." I ordered.
"Fine, i'll get you a wheel chair." He said.
Minutes later, Niall came back with a wheel chair. Niall helped me get Louis into the wheel chair, and I started wheeling Louis to the hospital wing.
"Alyssa you cant be mad at me, I did it because I was mad at him." Niall explained.
"Yeah sure, you cant always do this when your mad Niall!!! My god you nearly killed him! He lost a lot of blood!!!" I yelled.
"And how do you know this?" He asked.
"I was almost done with Medical school, as of right now im just a RN (registered Nurse)" I sighed, "I was almost a doctor, then the apocalypse happened."
"Alyssa im sorry, please forgive me." He begged.
"How about No." I said at i sped up.
"Fine..." He said as he stomped off.
I was almost to the hospital wing and Louis started to come to. "Louis, are you okay? How does your head feel? You hit the ground pretty hard." I asked.
"I feel dizzy Mummy. Where is Fizzy, Lottie, Daisy and Pheobe?" He asked.
I started to speed up a little bit and he started throwing up. Great.... We were now at the Hospital Wing and he fell back asleep. "Louis wake up!!!! Dont die on me!!" I yelled, nearly breaking down in tears. "DR.IRWIN HELP!!!!" I yelled.
"Alyssa whats wrong??" He asked, as he ran into the room.
"Louis! I fixed him up pretty good, but he hit his head hard and he came to and said his head hurts but he called me his mum and then fell back to sleep! Help!" i said in one breath.
"Oh god! Lets get him into the emergency room hurry!" He yelled.
We wheeled Louis into the emergency room, and got him into the hospital bed. We set everything up, and checked his vitals. "Good, he still has brain activity and his heart beat is normal" He said
I sighed, "I just met Niall, and this is his first impression. Such a shame, he is just so cute." Dr.Irwins eyes opened wide open.
"Y-y-you like him? You better not Alyssa its a trap." He said.
"What do you mean Doc?" I asked.
"I've know you only have been here for a day, but he has s.e.x with every girl here unless..." He said.
"Unless what?" I asked.
"Which is completely impossible.." He went on.
"Just tell me already Doc!" I yelled.
"Fine, unless your a Virgin, unless your a virgin, he wont touch you." He said, "but its quite impossible in time since its the apocalypse and its slavery." My face just turned red, I've never had it, i have been saving myself for the right guy. "My god Alyssa, you've never had it, have you?" He asked.
"No, i haven't i've been saving myself for Mr.Right." I said.
"Your Irresistible Alyssa! Your the mast of your kind! Your a Brown Haired Blue Eyed Irish Virgin." He said.
"I only think my eyes are Irresistible, not the rest of me." I said.
"To him Alyssa, he will basically be your servant." He said.
"I don't believe you" I said
"Believe what u want." He said, "but i am right."
I started walking back to my room, and I realized i was still in my robe.
I rushed back to the room  I unlocked the door and saw that Niall was in there. "Niall, what are you doing here." I hissed. 
"I am your new owner Alyssa I control you, and I can be wherever I please since I own this mansion." He stated, walking closer.
He kept coming closer to me. "Your smart, but you don't know everything."
"Im not say-" He cut off. "Stop talking baby girlx and just listen." He pushed me on the bed.  "Niall please dont-"  "I told you to shut up, just listen." I stayed quiet. He started to unbuckle his jeans. "Niall I really should te-" "Just shut up!" "Im a Virgin!!!!" I cried. He got off of me and stormed out of the room.

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