Irresistible (N.H and L.T Fanfic)

Alyssa O'Reilly, a 20 year old Irish Lass, is in the slavery/apocalyptic world, where either your a slave, in a house lucky to be alive and not dead, or your free, but not for long if you get bitten. She is the only girl left of her kind because of her..............Find out more in this fanfic..


2. Chapter 1

I woke up in a place that I recognized to be my year 8 class, there were a few other girls. There was a short blonde, with green eyes, there was a a girl with purple hair and brown eyes. Then there was a lady, she was wearing buisness attire, hair dressed up, she was wearing glasses, and her make up was perfect. "Ladies, come with me, lets get you cleaned up."She strictly ordered. I just sat on the ground shaking in fear, I almost got bit, I thought. "Miss are you okay? Do you need assistance?" The ocean blue eyes asked. "Yes, I need assistance. " I said, feeling weak in the knees, and looking at my arm, that was freshly scratched.. "Ma'am, is that freshly scratched?" He asked looking afraid. "Yes, im afraid so..." I said, looking him straight in the eyes. He immediately pulled out his walkie-talkie and started speaking in it. "Code 9, I repeat Code 9, this is not a fucking drill." He yelled. Fuck, this is bad, Code 9 this cant be good. "Alright Lou, will be right there. What room you in?" A voice called in through the walkie-talkie.  "Room 8, Mr. O'Briens." Lou replied, and before you know it 2 other males arrived in hazmatt suits. "Is this the code 9? She seems normal to me." One of the males said. "She has a big scratch on her arm." Lou pointed out on my arm. "Alright we got it from here Tommo" Hazza said.  The two Males lifted me from the floor and we rushed down the hall to the Hospital Wing.  "Dr.Irwin, she is scratched and its pretty big." The Other Male said. "Boys, I need to see for myself." Dr.Irwin said, pushing the boys out of the way. "Thats pretty bad, I will take her to the emergency room, your dismissed boys." He said, pushing the lads out the door. "Name." He bluntly asked. "Alyssa." I calmly said. "Alyssa??"He asked. "Alyssa O'Reilly. " I answered. "Ah yes the new girl, Ms.Alyssa are you wearing contacts?" He asked, examining my eyes. "Hush!!" I whispered.. "I am wearing brown contacts because I hate my blue eyes!" I said, in a quiet voice. "Your the r-r-rare girl, the last pale blue eyed Irish Girl in existence." He said, as my jaw dropped.  "I-i-i'm t-t-the l-l-last o-o-one?"I nearly screamed. He just nodded his head. "I'll make sure you have brown contacts,  sir Horan goes crazy for blue eyes. " Dr.Irwin said. "Um Dr.Irwin, what about the cut?" I asked. "Oh yeah that," He chuckled. He grabbed ointment and some gauzes. He applied the oitment and wrapped my arm. "You should be better, I'll call Louis, he will bring you to Mr.Horan." He said.

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