Strange things happen in this house.

Unmentionably strange..

Out of this world strange even.

Every night, I'm awoken to noises at exactly 2:06am.

I keep hearing voices in my head, like I'm going crazy or something.

And I can always feel this strange presence around me, when I'm in the house.

I think I might be loosing my mind.

Luke Hemming's Fanfic
By @5soswh0re


2. Chapter 2

It was 1:52am. 5 hours later from the previous event. I was still in shock and shaking dom it.

I can't put my finger on what happened though. The front and back doors remained untouched, as were all the windows which meant there wasn't an intruder. No animal could of done that.

It wasn't me or Alfie.

So what was it?

The question lingered in my mind as me and Alfie sat calmly in our new couch, watching reruns of the inbetweeners; our favourite show.

"Babe?" I flinched at his touch on my thigh. My eyes flickered over to the t.v to see it turned off. Alfie looked tired and worn out.

"You look tired." I stated, looking at the bags hanging under his eyes.

"Yeah and I've got work tomorrow. I'm going to head off to bed, do you mind locking up?" He asked, yawning.

I hesitated before nodding, obviously still scared. "Sure babe. You go and get some sleep." I smiled warmly, a little tired myself.

He kissed my cheek before heading upstairs. I slowly lifted myself off the couch and took our empty wine glasses out to the kitchen.

I turned on the light and walked over to the sink, putting the glasses down next to it.

"I'll wash up tomorrow." I thought to myself. I walked back over to the other end of the kitchen where our back door was. I locked it, taking the keys out afterwards and making my way to the front door.

I locked the front door and put the latch on. I went round the downstairs of the house, making sure there was no electricity on.

I walked through the pitch black hallway, minding my steps as I reached the bottom of the stairs.

I looked at my wrist watch quickly. 2:05am. I yawned before groggily walking up the stairs.

I was on my last step when I heard the t.v from downstairs. It sounded like some random late night t.v show was on.

My heart pounded out of my chest in fright. What could it possibly be? I'm too scared to go down by myself.

Luckily for me, there was Alfie's baseball bat on the stairs (don't ask). I quickly grabbed it firmly as I made my way down the stairs quietly. My bare feet silently tiptoed down the hallways and into the living room where the t.v's bright light lit up the pitch black room.

I reached for the light, turning it on before walking in. "Who's there?" I raised my voice, trying to act brave.

"I've got my phone. I'll call the cops." I threatened, weakly.

Oh dear god, please let me survive the night.

My eyes quickly scanned the dull room for any movement. My eyes landed on the curtain that ruffled a little. I sped walked over, hesitating before pulling open the curtain.

Nothing there.

I covered my mouth to muffle the scared sobs that escaped my lips.

"Let's play hide and seek. I'll hide.. you seek." A voice said from behind me. I shook my head in disbelief as tear trickled down my cheeks. It was like any predictable horror movie. Either way, I die.

I slowly turned around, crying. My grip on the bat became loose as I shook violently from fear.

I continued my actions, turning around.

I was all of a sudden fave to face with a tall, lanky looking man. His face was pale. His eyes were blacked out and so was his open mouth. It looked like something from the scariest horror movie ever made. I screamed in terror.

"Found me." The creature whispered, it's open mouth closing and turning into a devious smile.

That's all I remember before blacking out.

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