Strange things happen in this house.

Unmentionably strange..

Out of this world strange even.

Every night, I'm awoken to noises at exactly 2:06am.

I keep hearing voices in my head, like I'm going crazy or something.

And I can always feel this strange presence around me, when I'm in the house.

I think I might be loosing my mind.

Luke Hemming's Fanfic
By @5soswh0re


1. Chapter 1

"This place looks amazing." I say, stunned at the beautiful interior of our new house.

Me and my boyfriend; Alfie, just moved in today. We hired some interior designers to decorate our house, and can I just say, they've done an incredible job.

"Yeah, well babe, I only hire the best." Alfie smirked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I love you so much." I said, bringing my lips to his. Sparks flied as our lips connected.

"I love you too." He mumbled between kisses. His hands fell to my bum as he squeezed it, making me squeal. He cheekily snuck his tongue into my mouth and exploring it. In one swift move, he lifted me up so my legs wrapped round his waist. He moved us over to where he couch was and laid me down on it.

"We are not having sex on a couch." I laughed at him.

"Why not?" He whined? "It's sexy and spontaneous." He added at the end.

"Whatever." I rolled my eyes playfully as he climbed on top of me, reconnecting his lips to mine.

Our mouths moved in sync as his hands crawled under my shirt and fiddled with my right breast (I didn't have a bra on), making me moan softly into his mouth.

I could feel his growing erection digging into my thigh as we continued our actions.

Suddenly, a loud bang came from the kitchen which was odd because we hadn't unpacked anything in the kitchen yet.

"What was that?" I asked confused and scared. Alfie gave me a confused look before getting off me and grabbing a wooden chair leg from our unfinished coffee table. We slowly made our way into the kitchen where there were around four smashed plates scattered across the kitchen tiles. On the counter was the rest of the plates stacked up with the cutlery placed on a bowl on top.

I could feel goosebumps rise as I looked at the strange occurrence in front of me. I felt Alfie flinch as my nails dug into his arm from being scared. "Sorry." I stuttered, utterly terrified.

"Welcome home." A soft, creepy whisper echoed in my ears. I yelped in fear and turned around to see nothing there.

"Babe? What's up?" Alfie asked, wrapping his strong arms around my fragile frame.

"I-I don't know." I stuttered confused.

What's just happened?


I know I only released a new book out a few days ago but I've had this book in my drafts for months. I've wanted to release it but I just forgot. It's a Luke Hemmings fanfic (obviously).

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter.


Love you all.

~ Orla xx

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