I changed

After Niall lest I changed I started dating dean and hung out with the wrong crowds

Will she change back to the person she was before Niall left or not?
will it be heartbreak or love?
a happy ever after or the most tragic ending?


3. shit he's still up

Once I was in I ran to my room and put water and bubble bath in the tub i got undrest and got in listening to my music I got out after what felt like an hour dried myself off and looked at the time 11:00 okay half an hour before dean gets here I go to my closet and grab a zip up hoody some light cloth shorts and a sports bra I put on the shorts and my bra and zipped up the hoodie zip to the part where the bra starts and grab my white trainers look at the time 11:15 I go to the bathroom brush my teeth put my darkish red hair in a pony tail and put on a thin layer I'd foundation filled my eyebrows in and a couple strokes of mascara 11:30 I got my phone and ran down stairs when I got there the kitchen light was on "shit.....Niall....." I cursed under my breath tip toed to the door unlocked it and slammed it behind me (slammed for effect so Niall knew so I pissed him off) I sprinted around the corner and hopped on the back of deans motorbike and we sped off........

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