I changed

After Niall lest I changed I started dating dean and hung out with the wrong crowds

Will she change back to the person she was before Niall left or not?
will it be heartbreak or love?
a happy ever after or the most tragic ending?


19. seeing him again

when we got to the airport there were fans everywear then i saw him with his  awsome snapback and jacket (which i got him for Christmas) (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=176420648) 

(JUSTIN) i squealed as i ran to him he turned around just in time picked me up and spun me around "lottie i missed you so much" he put me down and looked me up and down i saw dean roll his eyes a justin he was always sooo jealous around justin so this tour i going to have a lot of drama..

anyway after that he went to all the boys and girls and greeted them before he said to follow him around he got his body guards to help us out and get our luggage into the limo the justin pulled me under his arm and said to the others "me and lottie are going in the other limo and you can go in the other one" every one nodded but dean just shook his head in?... disappointment? oh well ill talk to him bout it later i also saw his eyes flash with so much anger it looked like he had fire in his eyes that why  in the boxing ring every body calls him fire eyes. then we got into the limo....






im soo sorry i haven't updated in ages im trying to deal with being the only author but having to deal with school on top ill try better from now on XXX

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