I changed

After Niall lest I changed I started dating dean and hung out with the wrong crowds

Will she change back to the person she was before Niall left or not?
will it be heartbreak or love?
a happy ever after or the most tragic ending?


18. plane!!!!

lotties pov 

when i woke up it was 7 ugh i rolled out of bed (literally) and fell on the floor i groaned i got up and changed intohttp://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=174121979 (select it and copy and paste in google to see it) i went for a run when i came back i got in the shower got dressed ( http://www.polyvore.com/airport_outfit_movellas_changed/set?id=174120952) i did my hair and makeup grabbed my suitcases and took them down stairs i grabbed a bowl  pored some cerial and milk into it  and ate breakfast as i put it in the dishwasher  niall came downstairs i looked at the time 9:00 "sit down ill make you pancakes" his face lit um just like it used to when mum said shell make us pancakes i let one single tear slip just about the thought of it "why" niall said i turned to him after wipping the ingle tear why what" "why did you imediatly accept the invitaition to go on tour with this mistery person?" i turned back around and started getting things out took a sharp intake and said "because i need a break from hear mum my life hear when i go dance i leave everything behind i dont do it for a reason i do it because it feels right....and that person im going on tour with is like a brother to me i love him like a brother he suports me and my choices and helps me when im to dumb to relize that" (A/N dam that was deep)

i said he was just quiet so i continued to make his pancakes ---------------skip 20 mins------------------------ i put the plate infront of niall and some orange juice i cleaned up and went upstairs i checked on my socialmedia then went onto twitter and posted "cant wait to see @justinbieberofficial tour with you is gonna be sick" there was a honk outside so i went over to my mums room i said goodbye and hen went to niall said a simple goodbye "oh and lookafter her oh and if you go away on tour the contact names of mr and mrs white re on the fridge mum loves them" and went into the limo after dean helped me with my bags in the limo to my suprise the whole crew where in here "LA HERE WE COME" i screamed then me and the whole crew screamed "SO WATCH OUT G-FORCE IS COMMING!!!!!!"..........................................

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