I changed

After Niall lest I changed I started dating dean and hung out with the wrong crowds

Will she change back to the person she was before Niall left or not?
will it be heartbreak or love?
a happy ever after or the most tragic ending?


1. close encounter

I looked in my mirror and nodded in aprovment hot pink air makes high wasted jean shorts and a parent advisory crop top I grabbed my penny board lime green deck and hot pink wheels u climmed out of the window and down the drain pipe jumped the last meter I ran but bumped into some one I looked up to see the green eye dimples and curly hair I stood up and started wallkin and shouted I'm sorry he ran to catch up to me and grabbed my rist unfortunately the one with the cuts which caused my brackets that I use to cover up my cuts to push on my fresh ones I screamed "OW" he immediately let if and mumbled a sorry I just sprinted the last normal five minutes walk to the skate park.....

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