High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


10. Undercover idiot? (2013)

First lets just say that I was stupid and I cant think fast and I was a secretive little bish.

So we're in southern stars rehearsal in year 10 (I talk about it all the time because it was a very problematic time in ma life.)

The teacher turned to me and asked why he hadn't heard me sing yet and I cant remember exactly what I said but it must of been stupid because my best friend at the time rolled her eyes and turned to the teacher and said "She can rap and dance too so pay no attention to her please."

(The teacher was Icycles by the way we all know that name too well.)

Anyway he just nodded and walked out, the minute he was gone I stood on a chair and started to rap Donalds solo from the last Treble Performance in Pitch Perfect and I was dancing like a weirdo.

My friends were all laughing really hard at my outburst until I saw Icycles coming back and he caught sight of me and raised his eyebrows so I quickly jumped down and turned bright red.

He came back in and said "Sarah, who knew you were an undercover performer?"

And I denied it immediately and started saying stupid comments that were mainly taking the piss out of myself.

We continued having a debate about why I was so secretive and wouldn't let him know anything about me.

In the end he said "So if you're not a performer then what are you?"

I had to think...fast.

So me being me the idiot I am, I came up with the stupidest answer in history; "I'm an undercover idiot."

Undercover idiot... undercover idiot!


Yeah good job Sarah just give him something else to make fun of you about.

Someone needed to teach me how to use my brain because back then I didn't.


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