High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


8. There's a door there... (2011)

It was 8th grade and I was in HSIE.

My teacher was pacing across the front of the room explaining something where he stood at the board, wrote something down then started to walk backwards.

He kept walking and he ended up backing into the door and even though it was closed it still rattled a little and he jumped because he wasn't expecting it.

Nobody actually found it that funny besides one guy in my class who laughed and said "There's a door there Sir watch out."

Which earned an eye roll from the teacher and stifled laughter from his mate.

But for some reason I laughed a tiny bit but like 10 minutes later it actually hit me and I randomly found it extremely amusing.

The whole class was quiet, copying notes off the board and I was sitting there trying not to laugh but eventually he said something about a door and I burst out into hysterical laughter and everybody looked at me like I was senile.

Even my teacher was shaking his head trying to figure out what had me laughing so hard that it made me have a random outburst like that.

Looking back on it now I still have a good laugh at it.

I think he learnt his lesson that day; never walk backwards because you never know where a door might be lurking.


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