High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


6. Subscription Box Meltdown (2015)

Alrighty, it's no secret that I am a massive fan of Our2ndLife.

And since I actually used to watch Connor since 2012 and Ricky in 2013, I'm really into them.

And I mean REALLY into them.

Okay so not long before this, Ricky was talking on Twitter about him making a video with Kian and Jc.

So this obviously made me freak out because it was one of the first collabs they'd done since I discovered O2L and I was low key counting down the days.

But I didn't know what exact day he was uploading the video so I just sort of went with life and checked on it every day.

I was in music with nothing to do when I just randomly decided to see what was in my subscription box for that day.

So I go into it and I'm sitting on a table and what do I see?

Ricky Dillon... Fan Accounts in real life ft Kian & Jc...

I jumped off the table and jumped around the room screaming and crying.

My teacher looked up at me and kept asking what was wrong, nobody could understand what was going on until when I eventually calmed down I explained about how much I loved them and I kid you not, my teacher facepalmed and said "It's gonna be a long year..."

Like too right it is mate! With Ricky Dillon destroying my emotions every day you bet it's gonna be a long year!

Yeah... it's quite safe to say that my teacher never let me check YouTube in his class again... oops...

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