High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


9. Dead giveaway (2015)

Year 12, last lesson of the day; and just my luck it was English.

This was actually good because I had a crush on a guy in there.

So I went to English actually in a good mood; though slightly fearful (Listen I was trusting my best friend to dye my hair that afternoon, don't get me wrong I trust him but I've never trusted him with my hair let alone my face.)

Anyway my crush and his friend were talking about teachers that they didn't get along with.

I was secretly listening in (don't judge me they were talking loudly) and his mate said that he liked his maths teacher or something and my crush obviously didn't like that teacher because he goes "Are you fxcking serious?"

And I stifled my laughter.

My crush looked over at me and said "Is anyone listening to this conversation?"

So I lied and shook my head so they kept talking until his mate said something else that he didn't agree with and my crush stayed silent for a bit and then randomly says "Jump out that window."

And I lost it; like I cracked up laughing so loudly that everybody looked at me.

Talk about giveaway of the century, like no I'm not listening at all I just happened to conveniently burst out laughing hysterically right after you said something funny.

Nope not listening at all.

I'm obviously not great at subtle...

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