High School Days

This book is a compilation of random conversations, memories or reflections from when I was in high school, enjoy! :) xx


5. BAM vs 1D (2014)

Okay... I seriously don't know how he got these two confused but he did and I actually still haven't let it go.


So in SLR, I was on my laptop. We were meant to be doing an online coaching course to become qualified to be a sports referee and my password wasn't working so I gave up and thought I could just do it home, plus it's hard to concentrate while your crush is making jokes over the other side of the room.

I was on YouTube listening to Hopeful by Bars and Melody when there was a knock at the door, because I sat at the front, I was the closest to the door which meant I had to get up and answer it.

I got up and was talking to the teacher about something (I can't remember what he wanted but I do remember getting into a debate with him on something.) and since my SLR teacher (Okay we need a nickname for him so lets call him Seaweed.) knows me pretty well he could tell I wasn't working.

So while I'm at the door and my laptop is open on my desk he goes over and looks at my internet activity, YouTube is still open so he can see what I'm listening to.

I look back to see him snooping so I run over and was like "Oh my god what are you doing?!"

He held my laptop out of reach and had another look and was like "Okay stop listening to One Direction on YouTube and get to work."

My jaw dropped and I was dumbfounded... How did you get Bars and Melody confused with One Direction?! How?! Just explain how because I don't get it...

I justified that it wasn't 1D, it was BAM so therefore I wasn't doing what he thought so I didn't need to stop but he literally exited out of the window, logged me on to the website and made me start.

I still haven't let it go...I probably never will.

Update; I actually ended up becoming qualified so woo go me!

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