How to Earn the Nickname of Satan

"Don't be weird. Don't look up for too long. Don't twirl your hair too much, you'll look dumb. Quit smiling so much. Look at him once. Look back down. Smile because when you looked up at him, he was already looking at you." That was the only thoughts I had during that class that day.


2. During

Isn't it so odd how new relationships can start out of no where? Two weeks had passed since Ben and I ended up being in the same class. That also means two weeks of messaging back and forth. Once we became more familiar with each other, we exchanged phone numbers and texted frequently.

"You looked pretty today."

"Awh thank you. Sorry I acted awkward in person."

"Don't apologize. You say sorry too much."

I should of known.

By now, Ben was sitting at my table to be by me, not his bestfriend. We somewhat talked. He was honestly the awkward one, not me. For some reason I was always the one to apologize.

My grade in that class dropped slightly. I wasn't worried about it at first. Over time it dropped more. That's when I confronted Ben about it, he said his grade had dropped too. I guess there was something more important in that class to be paying attention to rather then how to tell if lined are parallel or not.

Ben didn't have the best reputation. He often times categorized himself as an asshole and would say that he liked to be mean for no reason. I had taken that as sarcasm, but all my friends knew it wasn't.

"You can do better. He's not you're type. You need to be careful. You don't know what will happen."

Silly, silly me. I should of known.

By this time, Ben and his girlfriend had broken up (he told me I wasn't the reason but I learned later that I can't trust what he says) and our conversations became less friendly and more flirty. Now that he was single, what was stopping us from dating? I liked him, a lot. He was the only guy I liked since my last relationship ended and since it wasn't the best ending, I was ready to move on.

He was already doing cute boyfriends things. I would leave my class when the bell rings and walk into the hall to find him waiting there for me. He did this several times a day. We would talk more, just about random stuff. We even left class early one day when the sun wasn't looking and walked around the school. Compliments were a daily thing, and most of the time I would write down what he said so I could always remember the way I felt when I heard it. I felt like we really had something going.

It had been two months since that wonderful first day back from Christmas break where Ben entered my life. We had been going pretty good, but after about 6 weeks we had a falling out. We would not text as much anymore. It was awkward between us in person. He would almost never come to my classes to walk me to my next one, and one day he just stopped all together. I thought it was something I had done. I turned to my fiends for help, but I always received the same response. He wasn't good enough for me, and there was something off about him. I should of listened.

I should of known.

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